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International folklore in Dubai .. the pearls of the past decorate the paths of creativity

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Each country has its own heritage and folk arts that reflect an image of its people, and are proud of and proud of in front of the world. The UAE has realized the importance of its heritage in preserving its identity and enhancing the pillars of its progress, as it has preserved the vocabulary of its heritage, including prominently the diverse folk arts rich in the stories and aesthetics of Emirati culture, traditions and tales. Of course, the visions and efforts of the UAE did not stop there, as it took the initiative to make the responsibilities of heritage preservation comprehensive for various forms of human heritage, based on its civilizational message and the values ​​of tolerance, goodness and beauty that pulsate in its parts and address its orientations. In this regard, we note a qualitative difference and success achieved by Dubai’s initiatives and projects in this regard, as it was able to make the story of the meeting of civilizations on its land a story of modern civilizational communication, rich in festivals that preserve the traditions of international folklore… A rich aesthetic on its land attracts various civilizations. “Al-Bayan” highlights the most important pillars of preserving folk arts, based on the experience of the Emirates, through meetings with several specialists, displaying at the same time forms of excellence and Dubai’s success in preserving the Emirati artistic and folklore heritage, as well as all its diversity.

global model

At the outset, Emirati artist Tariq Al Menhali says: The UAE has become a leading global model for success in this regard, and Dubai’s efforts to preserve the world’s artistic heritage through multiple initiatives are among the most prominent in the world. In practice, I must refer in this regard to folk arts that go along with customs, traditions, and national and private occasions. We mention, for example, but not limited to, Al-Ayyala, Al-Yawla, Al-Taghrooda, Al-Sahbah and Al-Rawah, and others. But as we entered the stage of development and pursued the details of technology, the impact of these arts began to diminish on the artistic scene. Al-Menhali stressed that folk arts are linked to an authenticity that extends over time, so the duty of every artist is to approach his environment musically, and is interested in renewing this ancient art, which contributes to its spread throughout the world. Al-Menhali continued: The sung arts are a distinct cultural heritage and it is necessary to present it in a new form, while preserving its merits and details.

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Al Menhali added: About myself as an Emirati artist, I presented many songs in the art of the family, and the base of my groups was broken and I included the singer’s voice with them mainly, and most of my work succeeded. Al-Menhali gave an example of this, which he presented on the occasion of the UAE Flag Day.


For his part, Emirati artist Tarish Al Hashemi said that the UAE was able to embody a creative global model in the field of heritage preservation, pointing to Dubai’s efforts, which were able to combine the spirit of global folklore with its diversity and features of modern development. Al-Hashemi also stressed the need for cooperation and coordination between the relevant institutions to document Emirati folklore, by attracting a number of specialists in this regard, noting that documenting folklore is different from documenting other arts; This type of art needs practice on the ground and workshops that train young people to practice these arts.

He continued, “Folk arts represent the Emirati identity, which is striking in its heritage, and reminds us of people who lived on this land. Therefore, it is necessary to create capable and specialized teams that practice these arts, which leads to its access to our future generations.”

He added, “The wise leadership provided the infrastructure to build a large archival base for documenting these arts.” The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, was a major supporter of popular arts; He was keen to share these arts with the people, and to direct every Emirati to preserve this type of art that reflects the identity and civilization of the Emirates.


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