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International moves to hold an emergency meeting of the Security Council on Afghanistan

International moves to hold an emergency meeting of the Security Council on Afghanistan

On the sound of an announcement Taliban Entry of movement fighters DC cable From all directions, Russia, Estonia and Norway requested an emergency session of the Security Council to discuss the developments in Afghanistan, and an official in the Russian Foreign Ministry said, on Sunday, that his country is working with other countries to hold an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Kabul, where the Taliban movement is on the verge of a complete seizure of power. .

“We are working on it,” official Zamir Zabulov told Russian news agencies, stressing that a meeting would be held soon.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to call Parliament, currently suspended due to the summer recess, to hold an emergency meeting during the week to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, British media reported Sunday.

A source in the Cabinet said that talks are underway with the Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsey Hoyle, to determine the day when MPs will be invited to the meeting, against the background of the Prime Minister’s calls to intervene in the face of the rapid progress of the Taliban.

within 72 hours

In turn, US President Joe Biden decided to increase the number of US forces at Kabul Airport to five thousand in order to evacuate American diplomats and Afghan civilians who cooperated with the United States and fear for their lives.

And CNN revealed that all US embassy employees in Kabul were withdrawn within 72 hours.

A general view of the US Embassy in Kabul (Reuters)

At the same time, London announced the redeployment of 600 soldiers to help British nationals leave the country. Several Western countries will reduce their presence to a minimum, or temporarily close their embassies.

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Meanwhile, the French ambassador recorded his departure from the capital, Kabul.

Evacuation of embassy staff

In turn, Germany sent military planes to Afghanistan to evacuate its embassy employees, announcing its closure as of today, and calling on all its citizens to leave the country.

Sweden also revealed that all employees of its embassy in Kabul will leave today. The Netherlands also announced the transfer of its embassy in Kabul to a new headquarters near the airport.

Moscow also announced that it does not intend to evacuate its embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul. An official in the Russian Foreign Ministry, Zamir Zabolov, said, “No evacuation is expected,” noting that he is “in direct contact” with the Russian ambassador in Kabul, and that his collaborators continue to work “quietly” at the embassy.

Members of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan

Members of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan

The RIA Novosti news agency quoted the official as confirming that Russia was one of the countries that received guarantees from the Taliban regarding the security of its embassies. “We got guarantees a while ago,” he said, noting that “Russia was not the only (state) that got them.”

On Sunday, the Taliban movement was on the verge of fully seizing power in Afghanistan after a lightning attack in May that brought it to the gates of Kabul, where its fighters were ordered not to enter the capital.