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International Writers Meet at the "Sharjah International Book 40"

International Writers Meet at the “Sharjah International Book 40”

Sharjah (Union)

The Sharjah International Book Fair, in its fortieth session, organized by the Sharjah Book Authority from November 3 to 13, brings together international writers, led by the Tanzanian Abdul Razzaq Garneh, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature for the year 2021. Among the most prominent participating figures is the American Chris Gardner He is the author of an international bestseller, whose novel, The Pursuit of Happiness, has been translated into 40 languages.
The American exhibition will host Michael Andrelli, who is ranked among the top 100 authors on the Amazon store, where the number of copies sold of his books exceeded 4 million copies worldwide. Also participating in it is the American Tosca Lee, the author of the best-selling books on the “New York Times” list, and her works have been translated into 17 languages.
American writer Daniel Mallory, better known as A.J. Finn, co-authored the bestselling novel The Woman in the Window, which has been adapted into a movie.
Canadian writer Najwa Thebian will participate in the exhibition’s cultural program, along with K.J. Howe, author of the best-selling “The Broker of Freedom” series.
The British edition will host Jennifer Nansobuga McCombie, winner of the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize.
The UK guest list also includes Rabina Khan, writer, politician, private consultant and broadcaster, and author of My Pink Hair Under This Veil. From Ireland, Alan Griffin, who discusses his novels The Kindness of Psychopaths and Better Confession, shares.
From France, the exhibition will host Saad Bouri, founder of the publishing house “De Jasman” and the author of traditional tales in Arabic and French, along with Mohamed Moleshall, known as “Yasmina Khadra”, who has written about 20 novels and his works have been translated into 52 languages.
The exhibition welcomes two guests who represent Italy: Lisa Ginsburg, author of novels, including “Dear Peace”, and Donatella Di Petrantonio, author of “L’Arminota”.

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