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Internet connection quality has deteriorated for a third of Czechs, and average speeds are rising

Internet connection quality has deteriorated for a third of Czechs, and average speeds are rising

Internet connection quality has deteriorated for Czechs in the past year. This stems at least from a survey conducted by Grant Thornton and the Department of Industry and Commerce, who have been together for the second year in a row, using online surveys. Collecting information from the audience. The current data was collected at the end of last year and was attended by six thousand families.

One of the main reasons for the trend of increasing call speed is the fact that approximately 77% of respondents now use home calling to work from home (48% a year ago) and 56% for teaching at home, with more than half of these users declaring this method of using Home calling has increased significantly in the last year, “according to the survey results.

In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly a third of people (29.4%) experienced a deterioration in the quality of the Internet connection in their home. In this context, more than 25% of dissatisfied users tried to change service providers, but only 7.3% were able to change this provider. Overall, however, respondents’ satisfaction increased by 4% compared to the previous year, reaching 60%. The lowest level of satisfaction was in the regions of Karlovy Vary, Central Bohemia and Bardobis (about 52% dissatisfied), and the highest in the Pilsen region (only 32% dissatisfied).

Czechs often pay between 350 and 500 kronor per month for the Internet (43% of respondents). People from Prague and around Karlovy Vary have the most expensive connections (36% of respondents pay more than 500 crowns), and the cheapest tariffs are in the regions of South Bohemia and Plzen.

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In general, the Czechs are satisfied with their relationship (60%) and their demands are increasing. “User demands for connection quality are constantly increasing, which is reflected in the continued growth in the share of optical communications providing data rates of up to 1 Gb / s (21% of respondents) and the gradual decline in wired connections (29% of respondents) and wireless internet, despite However, this method is still prevalent among respondents (38% of respondents). Users are increasingly using connection speeds over 100 Mbps (28% of respondents). “

About 38 percent of people are connected wirelessly. The most popular connection speeds are between 30 and 99 Mbps, and last year it was between 6 and 29 Mbps.

The study provides additional figures and graphs. The full text is available here (PDF).