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Introduced the new Fiat Scudo.  It offers three lengths, but also a purely electric motor

Introduced the new Fiat Scudo. It offers three lengths, but also a purely electric motor

The new Fiat Scudo is a modern and sophisticated vehicle based on the Stellantis platform for mid-size trucks. It is available with 100% electric motor and the latest generation of diesel engines. The new Scudo thus becomes Fiat’s second professional commercial vehicle, which is also available in an electric version. The company will be making a new model of the E-Ducato, which was launched in April of this year. A wide range to meet the needs of a diverse customer made up of true professionals, for them the car is a business tool and a source of income.

To meet these needs, the new Scudo comes with a number of features that make it the best model in its class.

With it, the Fiat Professional brand once again takes a leading role in the D-segment light truck segment and returns to the historical name of the car produced until 2016 at the Stellantis plant in Hordain, France, where it replaces the model. talent.

2022-Fiat Scudo-2

Fully battery powered without compromise

The manifestation of the Skodo’s “uncompromising” style lies in the features of the electric version, which boasts a best-in-class range, up to 330 km on the WLTP cycle. Thus, the Electric Scudo is an ideal working tool for everyone who works in the city and in the suburbs.

The emission-free version also has unique flexibility from a customer perspective. It offers two battery sizes – 50 and 75 kWh, charging using 11 kWh AC and 100 kWh DC, the two larger of the two batteries can be charged to 80% in just 45 minutes.

The payload is the same regardless of the drivetrain used and is one of the best in the segment: the cargo area has a volume of 6.6 cubic meters, the payload is more than one ton and the towing capacity is 1000 kg.

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2022-Fiat_Scudo 6

A professional car with comfort and passenger features

The target group of the new model are professionals who use their cars for 8 hours or more per day. Another factor that was very important in the design phase was comfort. The goal of the new Scudo is to offer work without undue stress, which is achieved through various solutions, such as similar driver placement in the passenger car, soundproofing in the overhead cab, and minimal vibration transmission.

  • Compact external dimensions, measuring less than 5 m in length in the basic version and 1.9 m in height, predetermine the Scudo for universal use and ensure the flexibility needed in the urban environment
  • The head-up display provides essential information without distracting the driver and reducing stress
  • The driver’s position is similar to a car and provides an excellent level of comfort, while the high seat position ensures a perfect view of the road. Easy access is ensured by a comfortable step into the cabin

Driving characteristics, comfort and suspension filtering are ensured in all driving conditions thanks to the independent suspension on all wheels (McPherson reinforced front axle with stabilizer and tilting trapezoidal arms for the rear axle), which supports variable characteristic springs and adaptive suspension dampers (AMVAC). Characteristics according to the ground clearance of the vehicle.


Security: a full range of ADAS assistance systems

The new Scudo offers a full suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). part of them:

  • Automatic recognition of traffic lights
  • Automatic emergency braking in the event of an imminent collision
  • Lane departure warning, which informs the driver as soon as he or she deviates from the lane
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System that provides alerts to all vehicles in the blind spots of the outside mirrors

The car is also equipped with an obstacle warning system, forward collision warning, and a functional rear camera that provides a 180-degree panoramic view, making parking as easy as possible.

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2022-Fiat Scudo-1

To ensure optimal performance and better traction in all conditions, such as snow, mud or sand, the Scudo can be equipped with the grip control system.

The head-up display provides the driver with all the important information and prevents him from diverting his attention to the ride. Parking support is provided by front and rear parking sensors and a rear camera capable of providing a reconstructed 180-degree bird’s-eye view from the rear, making parking easier and safer.

genius unit

The new Scudo is designed as a commercial utility vehicle, but functions as a passenger vehicle. It offers smart solutions and compact dimensions. The new Scudo is also available in a passenger version, both for commercial and private purposes. The cabin is fully configurable and offers up to 9 seats. Seats fold up to increase transport capacity as needed. Thanks to the foldable section, it allows transporting three more passengers compared to the standard one.

2022-Fiat Scudo 7

One of the strengths of the model is the dimensions themselves: a height of 1.90 meters allows easy access to underground garages. Combined with a length of 5 meters to 5.3 meters in the maxi version, this is a vehicle that “goes anything and goes anywhere”. There is also an exclusive “S” version available for specific needs in the city, which hides all the advantages of the Scudo with a length of only 4.6 metres.

Cargo space volumes are 4.6, 5.3 or 6.1 cubic meters, depending on the wheelbase. The load capacity is up to 1.4 tons. In front of us we have a completely relentless Scudo.

The new model also features a special modular cab solution that allows the front passenger seat to be converted into a workspace or to expand the already spacious cargo area. Thanks to the Moduwork solution, it is possible to transport objects up to 4 m long (Maxi version), while the useful volume will increase by 0.5 m3 to a total of 6.6 m3. The vehicle is therefore flexible enough to meet all requirements and all types of professionals, from hydraulic repairmen and shipbuilders to delivery services.

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Configuration and payment

Paying homage to the vehicle’s agile and versatile reputation, there are also four configurations (minivan, extended cab, platform cab and Combi M1), three trim levels (Easy, Business and Lounge), four diesel engines and an electric powertrain. An electric range is available, from truck to cabin, extended cab and station wagon with up to 9 seats. This wide range increases the attractiveness of the Scudo, which can be used to carry passengers or cargo, as a companion for all craftsmen and even travelers.

The range of engines meets all needs. In addition to the electric version – equipped with a 100 kW / 136 hp electric motor – there are also four diesel engines: 1.5 liters with 102 hp or 120 hp with a six-speed manual transmission; 2.0-liter 145 hp with an eight-speed manual or automatic transmission or 177 hp with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The new Scudo is set to become a big name in the light-duty Class D delivery segment, as the range is able to meet the requirements of both self-employed and fleet managers, all with effective solutions that ensure business continuity and profitability. The inclusion of zero-emissions versions in the Scudo range is also another piece in the Stellantis series of step-by-step electrification strategies. These publications are expected to attract the interest of entrepreneurs who care about the profitability of their business and at the same time respect our environment.