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مخترع "الواى فاى": تخرجت من كلية الهندسة جامعة القاهرة قسم الاتصالات

Inventor of “Wi-Fi”: I graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Department of Communications

Dr. Hatem Zagloul, the Egyptian scientist, the inventor of “Wi-Fi”, a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Department of Communications confirmed: “Egypt is born with minds that developed and accomplished in branches of science around the world, and the telecom company asked me to help them define the technology used in the second generation of mobile after the first generation From the mobile phone, which was like an ordinary radio, so I studied with a colleague Leah the existing technologies and we reached the third generation.”

And the Egyptian scientist, the inventor of “Wi-Fi”, advised, during a telephone intervention to the “Ninth” program, on the first channel of Egyptian television, the Egyptian youth, saying: “Leave frustration and naive words full of frustration, because science and study make a lot of difference and try to do the need that you love, even if the student loves studying and is sincere.” In it, he will become superior, and try to spend the money in the first place, because the money will look for you after your success.”

And about his education in Egypt, he said: “I got the best education in the world, then he went to Canada and got a master’s in physics, and the Egyptian education established his science in a good way, as there were no private lessons and education was diligent.”

He pointed out that the current studies revolve around how to introduce communications in countries that have not yet received communications. Statistics indicate that hemisphere has not reached any kind of communications, and currently we are trying to modify some Wi-Fi tools to reach communications around the world, and this of course reduced Telecom prices around the world.

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