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Investigations force Tesla to disable this entertainment feature in its cars

Investigations force Tesla to disable this entertainment feature in its cars

My driver will not be able toTeslaEnjoying this feature after the company disabled it, and made it inoperable while the car was in motion.

The US National Traffic Safety Administration has tested on highwaysThis week, the toy feature in Tesla cars was introduced after reports that it was distracting drivers while driving.

The administration investigated a complaint filed to it by a Tesla owner in November, in which the owner said he was able to play while driving, but that affected his concentration.

And the British newspaper, “Metro”, quoted a spokesman for the administration as saying: “Collision accidents caused by distraction are a concern, especially in vehicles equipped with a range of technologies such as systems Entertainment“.

Tesla updated its gaming software in December 2020, allowing the driver and front passenger to play some the games On the central touch screen while the car is in motion, it was previously possible to access video games only when the car was in a standing position.

serious defects

On December 7, a US regulator revealed that it had opened an investigation against Tesla in connection with a complaint that the company had failed to adequately notify its shareholders and citizens over the years of the risk of fire related to defects in the system. Solar Panels that produced.

The investigation raises regulatory pressure on the world’s most valuable automaker, which is already the subject of a federal safety investigation into accidents linked to faulty driver assistance systems in its cars.

There have been reports of fire concerns from faults in Tesla’s solar systems, but this is the first report of an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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The authority explained that the investigation came in response to a request from Stephen Hincks, a former quality official at Tesla, who, during his tenure at the company, filed a complaint about defects in solar energy systems in 2019.

Hincks, who previously worked as director of the quality department atToyota, of Tesla in August 2020 and filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging that the dismissal was in retaliation for raising safety concerns about solar energy systems.

In his complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Hincks said that Tesla and SolarCity, which was acquired by Tesla in 2016, did not disclose the “potential for liability (of their products) to cause property damage, user risk, fire and other damages.” Shareholders” before and after the acquisition.

The complaint notes that Tesla also failed to notify its customers that faults in electrical conductors could lead to fires.

Tesla has told consumers that it needs to perform maintenance on the solar panel system to avoid a malfunction that could shut down the system.

Hinx said, however, that it did not warn of the risks of fires and did not offer temporary closures to mitigate risks or report the problems to regulators.