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Výstava za sklem v Žamberku.

Invitation: The exhibition behind the glass focused on the environment

After the first postcard exhibition, this time we chose to present landscapes through maps. In addition to the types of vegetation and types of landscapes, you can learn about the water protection map or color-coded average precipitation in the Czech Republic. The exhibition is complemented by a satellite map of the world and satellite images of Europe and the Czech Republic. Moreover, in the exhibition you will find several color photos from the trips of the Department of Biology and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague.

Fun tasks for children are prepared in the form of a fun coloring book, after which they will receive a small reward. Simply pick up the envelope from the green pocket at the main entrance. The exhibition aptly complements many other activities for Nature Conservation and Earth Day. From the certificates awarded to the city, you will also learn how we were in 2020 in Chambork sorting waste (32,600 kg were delivered for collection and recycling) and used batteries (389 kg were disposed of in collection containers, of which 253 were discarded recycled mineral secondary raw materials) .

You can see the exhibition for free from outside on Kostelní Street (on the right side in the direction from St. Wenceslas Church to the square) anytime until May 10. Then you can visit across the square for a walk to the river in the suburbs or to the confluence of Divoká Orlice and Rokytenka.

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We wish you a pleasant experience for adults and children and wonderful May days in nature!

Vlaďka Šulcová and Kateřina Suchomelová