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Invitation to land owners to initiate the issuance of a fencing license

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing called on landowners of vacant land to expedite the issuance of a fencing license through the “Baladi” platform, in accordance with the models, standards and controls approved by the Ministry, before starting to monitor the owners’ compliance in early July 2022.
The initiative aims to control the empty lands located in commercial streets, unify their appearance with the surrounding buildings, reduce the accumulation of waste within these lands, protect them from encroachments, and clarify the ownership limits of the land.
The fencing of vacant lands comes out of the ministry’s interest in addressing visual distortion and improving the urban landscape on the roads and streets of Saudi cities and the main axes of movement in them, as part of a system of initiatives to contribute effectively to the development process of cities, humanizing them, preserving pedestrian rights, and raising the quality of life.
The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing had earlier launched an awareness campaign targeting owners of vacant (commercial) lands located on the main axes with high traffic density in major cities, with the aim of raising awareness and responsibility towards activating the decision to fencing vacant lands, which would contribute to improving the urban landscape. And addressing visual distortion, in addition to protecting owners from encroachments and misuse of land, and raising the level of humanization of cities through afforestation of walls.
The campaign came in two phases. The first phase included announcing the targeted axes and launching the fencing guide, which included a number of requirements and models for fencing vacant lands.
While the second phase, which is to control, implement the regulation, and monitor the owners’ compliance, starting from July 1, 2022, the fencing of vacant lands will be mandatory in some regions of the Kingdom, as the first phase of implementing the decision to fencing vacant lands includes a number of lands in the city of Riyadh and the capital of Dammam Al Khobar, Makkah Province, Jeddah Governorate, and Al Madinah Province.

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