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Nápis Jablíčkář.cz – Apple magazín

IOS 15 will offer another great health monitoring feature – Jablíčkář.cz – Apple magazine

We are less than two weeks away from the introduction of iOS 15. Additionally, with the imminent discovery of new features, more and more leaks and concepts are popping up on the Internet, which easily reveal a number of innovations. Connor Joyce took another escape mission, this time on Twitter. And how it looks now, we have something to look forward to. So let’s summarize it quickly.

This is what iOS 15 (draft) might look like:

Before diving into the leaks themselves, we have to confirm that there are no screenshots or other evidence of any news. Jewiss only claims to have seen these features. Perhaps even more interesting is the deployment of a new feature in the original Health app. With it, we can now write down all the foods we ate during the day. However, it is not clear to what extent this will work, as no more specific information has been provided. For now, there are outstanding questions about whether it will only function as a kind of “meal book”, or whether the function will also calculate our caloric intake, including nutritional values. In addition, if this is the second option, then we are facing another problem. We will have to enter this information into the device, or Apple will operate a comprehensive database of various foods and beverages.

In addition to this news, we should see slight improvements to the dark mode and to the News app. We should also see more changes on the side of the user interface (UI), and the system for displaying notifications on the lock screen can also be changed. However, in the case of notifications, it should only be an option, so there will be no complete change. Only as users will we get a new option. It is, of course, unclear whether the information from the attached Tweet will be confirmed or not. However, it will reveal itself on June 7, and of course we will immediately inform you of all the news.

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