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iPhone owner wonders.  Is the phone cover made of plastic for the company?

iPhone owner wonders. Is the phone cover made of plastic for the company?

Only US users can enjoy one of the cool new features of the new iPhones. Apple removed the physical SIM slot on all models, leaving only the integrated chip (eSIM). However, in the rest of the world, the same models have been developed with a SIM card, especially due to the limited functionality and availability of eSIM technology in some regions. And the appearance of darkness changed the situation somewhat.

Let’s remember when in 2016 Apple announced the removal of the headphone jack, one of the reasons for this was to cut out the space inside the phone’s body. The iPhone has changed a lot since then in terms of design and design, but the headphone jack has never been used. So, not that there will be a lot of fuss about it with the march of wireless headphones, it is always better to use some free space in the phone in a useful way.

However, Leton’s American iPhones are a paradox. Since in the USA you don’t have to get a SIM slot, anywhere else in the world the designers at Apple had to decide whether to get a brand new stock board, which they would only be able to install on American models, or To keep the same model for the whole world and in the US, fill in the space created by leaving the SIM card slot, just fill it with a piece of plastic.

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The decision on the one hand is logical, because it calculates the company under the pension. At the same time, Apple also made it clear that the efficiency in the construction of individual parts of the body does not matter at all, and even these very popular phones have to be content with makeshift phones.

There is no doubt that in the future we will have SIM-free iPhones in other markets as well, Apple will surely have an innovative way to make better use of the extra space. But as soon as these marks disappear from your mobile, the power connector will also disappear (and charging and data transfer will only be wireless) and the manufacturer will bypass it again by cutting off the space, let’s remember this little black block of plastic, it’s only function was to fill the free space in devices current iPhone.