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Iran launches a rocket into space carrying "three research shipments"

Iran launches a rocket into space carrying “three research shipments”

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In a move likely to irritate the West, Iran announced Thursday the launch of a rocket into space. According to the spokesman for the Department of Space Defenses in the Ministry of Defense, Ahmed Hosseini, the missile sent “three research shipments into space”, without specifying the nature of these shipments.

Launched Iran Thursday, a missile was launched into space carrying equipment for research purposes, state television announced, in a move likely to provoke Western criticism, especially as it comes in light of discussions to revive the agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program.

“(The missile) the satellite carrier ‘Simorg’ sent three research shipments into space,” said Ahmed Hosseini, a spokesman for the Department of Space Defenses in the Ministry of Defense.

He explained, “During this space research mission, for the first time, three research shipments were launched simultaneously at an altitude of 470 km and at a speed of 7,350 thousand meters per second.”

Hosseini did not specify the nature of these shipments, and whether they were placed in orbit. “The observed research objectives of this launch have been achieved,” he continued.

Last June, the Pentagon announced that Iran had failed to launch a satellite into space and intends to repeat this attempt soon. However, the Islamic Republic denied this information at the time.

As Tehran announced in February 2020, an attempt to put a scientific observation satellite into orbit had failed.

About two months later, the Revolutionary Guards confirmed, in April 2020, that it had successfully launched the first military satellite called “Noor 1”, and carried it into orbit by a “Qased” missile at an altitude of 425 km.

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It is reported that in February 2021, the Iranian Ministry of Defense announced a successful test launch of a missile intended to carry a satellite.

These activities are often condemned by Western countries, especially the United States, against the backdrop of accusing Iran of working to enhance its expertise in the field of ballistic missiles by launching satellites into space.

For its part, the Islamic Republic asserts that satellite programs are its “right”, are intended for civilian and research purposes, and are in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions.

The new launch comes at a time when Iran and the major powers, with indirect American participation, are holding talks in Vienna aimed at reviving the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, from which the United States unilaterally withdrew in 2018.