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غضب في إيران من حصار شبكة الإنترنت

Iran restricts cyberspace… “Instagram” is out of service

Angry protests are escalating daily in Iran, with a sharp slowdown in the Internet and disruption of access to social networks, with “Instagram” at the fore.

More than 40 percent of the Iranian population uses the Instagram platform, according to official statistics.

“Their business is in serious trouble, access to information and social networks is becoming increasingly difficult, and online education in schools and universities is disrupted,” users of the Internet and social networks say in tweets.

Officials did not explain the causes of the crisis, but angered many by describing the matter as “fake news” or false news reports.

According to sources, this prolonged turmoil is a prelude to passing and implementing a plan to restrict cyberspace in Iran.

And the newspaper “Sharq”, which is close to the reformists, reported that “the problem of browsing “Instagram” begins every day at five o’clock in the afternoon local time.”

Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Issa Zarei commented on the matter, saying, “It is fake news.”

He also insisted in interviews that Ibrahim Raisi’s government had no plans to block or restrict the Internet, describing the high-speed, high-quality network as “one of the wings of the National Information Network.”

The Minister of Communications blamed the previous governments for the current state of the Internet and said, “The network is saturated due to the lack of investment in the field of fixed Internet in the past ten years.”

Iranian journalist Jafar Habibzadeh said that the disruption in the Internet is an intangible filter on Instagram and WhatsApp by reducing Internet bandwidth,

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For his part, activist and blogger Saeed Khosrowshahi said in Twitter that he “also encountered problems opening Iranian websites and complained about the constant disconnection and fluctuations of ups and downs,” adding that “no contact was made with the telecom company because an automated message was broadcast for more than a month, saying They are trying to solve the problem of slow internet speed.”

And some official Iranian newspapers began launching an attack on the government of Ibrahim Raisi and the way it runs the Internet.

Tehran-based Etemad newspaper wrote in a report on Monday that one of the goals of slowing down the Internet is to restrict access to popular social networks, led by Instagram.

The Iranian government has been trying for years to separate the local internet (the intranet) from the global internet for security reasons and to control protests and repression or to impose censorship on the repression events under the guise of launching a “national network”.