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Iranian and Russian hackers are targeting journalists and politicians in the United Kingdom

The National Cyber ​​Security Center in the United Kingdom warned on Thursday Hackers Iranian and Russian informants “relentlessly” attack British journalists and political figures to obtain sensitive data.

In a statement, the National Cyber ​​Security Center, attached to the British Intelligence and Security Service, highlighted the rise in hacking attempts targeting certain individuals and organizations.

“These campaigns, driven by people in Russia and Iran, relentlessly pursue their goals of stealing online data and compromising sensitive systems,” said Paul Chichester, an official at the center.

The report linked two groups to the Revolutionary Guards, “SEABORGIUM” based in Russia and “TA453” (TA453) based in Iran. Although the two campaigns are separate, both groups “use similar techniques and have similar goals.”


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“Attacks do not target the general population, but specific sectors, particularly the academic community, security, government and non-government organizations and think tanks, politicians, journalists and activists,” the Center said in its statement.

Hackers “create fake profiles on social networks to present themselves as respected experts, and use purported invitations to attend conferences or events,” he explained.


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