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Iranian Football Federation: Players in solidarity with protests during an international tournament will be "dealt with"

Iranian Football Federation: Players in solidarity with protests during an international tournament will be “dealt with”

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (CNN)–The Iranian Beach Soccer Federation has pledged to deal with players who showed solidarity with Iranian protesters during an international tournament this week.

Iran won the Confederations Cup for Beach Soccer, which was held in Dubai, over Brazil in the final match, Sunday, after Saeed Bermoun scored the winning goal.

After recording, Peramon imitated his haircut, a move that indicates support for nationwide protests in the country to demand more freedoms for women, after a 22-year-old woman died in police custody after being arrested for allegedly inappropriately wearing a headscarf.

Before the start of the final match, the Iranian players were seen not singing as the Iranian national anthem was played.

“People who did not adhere to professional and sports ethics… will be dealt with according to the regulations,” a statement published in the Iranian Football Association said.

“According to the regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Olympic Ethics Code and FIFA rules, political behavior in sports stadiums should be avoided,” the statement said.

A video allegedly published on BBC Persian shows journalists being prevented from speaking to the national team upon their return to Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran. CNN was unable to verify the video.

Last month, Alnaaz Rakabi, 33, participated without a headscarf at the IFC Asian Championships in Seoul. Videos of her and her hair in a ponytail during the competition went viral on social media.

Handball player Sajjad Istiki, women’s rugby captain Frishta Sarani, fencer Mojtaba Abedini Shuramasti and Taekwondo player Mahasa Sadeghi leave their national teams in protest.

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The highly respected former wrestler and Olympic gold medal winner, Rasul Khadem, expressed his support for all the athletes who took action.