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Iranian Revolutionary Guards: Israel has backed away from military action against Iran


Iranian Revolutionary Guards – archive

The Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Brigadier General Ali Fadwa, considered that Israel has refrained from taking any military step against his country.

He said: “Following the maneuvers (the Great Prophet) conducted by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the Prime Minister of the Zionists informed his government in writing that no one should talk about a military step against Iran.”

He added: “During the past 43 years, all enemies united, but they were not able to achieve a victory, and they cannot call themselves a victory. Our current situation is not like previous decades, as it cannot even be compared to what it was two years ago because we did our duty, and many sacrificed Our sons to achieve these victories and perform their duties.”

He continued: “The enemies are now in a state of confusion, even a few days ago, the Zionists were gossiping against Iran with the support of the Americans, but after the rehearsal of the Israeli Prime Minister, he wrote to them not to talk about action against Iran, because they realized that when the Americans could not commit any “A mistake in 43 years against our country, they can do no wrong… Americans are like the weak, now resorting to methods of fighting the Islamic revolution that show their impotence, declaring that we must seek deterrence against Iran.”

He stressed, “When we reach the top, the hostilities will end, and then the Great Satan will not dare to be hostile to Iran.”

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Source: RT + Iranian “Tassim”