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Iranian series “The Actor” wins SeriesMania

Winner “The Actor”

Saturday 25 March 2023 / 14:46

The Grand Prize was awarded at the “Series Mania” festival, which concluded, on Friday evening, in the city of Lille, in northern France, to the Iranian series “The Actor” (“The Actor”), by an international jury headed by American producer Lisa Joy, author Science fiction series “Westworld”.

This 26-episode 52-minute series, the first Iranian series to be selected for international competition, tells the story of two brilliant unemployed actors who put their talents at the service of individuals, before they come to the attention of a mysterious agency that takes an interest in their performance.

Among the series’ heroes is actor Navid Mohammadzadeh, who was known especially for his role in “Just 6.5” and “Laila’s Brothers”.

The best actress award was given to Margot Pancillon for her role in the series “De Grasse”, which will be shown by the Franco-German channel “Arte”.

The award for best actor was given to Michael Sheen for his performance in the British series “Beep Interests” as a father struggling to establish the rights of his daughter, who suffers from an intractable disability.

The Swedish series “Blackwater” won the best series award from the “International Panorama” jury, headed by writer Herve Le Tillier, who won the prestigious French Goncourt Prize in 2020 for his novel “Lanomaly.”

In the French business category, the soon-to-be-aired political series “So Control” starring Lea Druker on Arte channel won the prize for best series, awarded by a jury from the international press.

Also in this category, Clementine Cellarier was awarded Best Actress for her performance in TF1’s new series Les Randonose, which tells the story of an ambitious alpine climb by six women with cancer.

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Young actor Karel Brown from the series “Aspergirl” won the Best Actor award. In this work, he plays the role of Nicole Verone’s son, who is diagnosed with autism at a time when his mother hides her autism spectrum disorder to preserve her right to custody of him.

According to a first outcome, the festival in Lille hosted 85,000 participants and 3,800 professionals in the sector during the 2023 edition, which are “numbers that far exceeded expectations,” according to the festival’s management in a statement.