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Iraqi artist Rahma Riyad comments on her "Trend" lead with the song "The Planet"

Iraqi artist Rahma Riyad comments on her “Trend” lead with the song “The Planet”

Baghdad – Arabs today

The Iraqi artist participated, Rahma Riad, Her fans were delighted with the release of her new song, “The Planet”, “The Trend” in the State of Iraq. And Rahma tweeted, through her account in TwitterAnd she wrote: “Let me tell you how much I love you, and I hope that you traveled with me to a second planet, my joy with you and your interaction is indescribable.”

The Iraqi artist added: “You do not know how happy the artist is when he sees the fruit of his labor, and the first trend is the strongest evidence of your love.. Thank you from the heart.” And your feeling touched our hearts, and made us live on a second planet, and this song became an addiction to me, every day I hear it a million times, and there is no hope for it, you have created mercy.”

And the Iraqi artist, Rahma Riyad, had released her new clip on YouTube, “Al Kakab”, and the song was written by Maher Al-Azzawi, composed by Ali Saber, and distributed by Muhammad Saber. He participated in the clip without showing his face.

And earlier, the Iraqi singer Rahma Riad surprised the audience by revealing her engagement, through a photo she posted on “Instagram”, in which she appears holding her fiancé’s hand, and only commented, saying: “Barcoli”, without adding any other details, and a large number were keen. From the stars of art to congratulate mercy on the engagement.

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