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Iraqi Theater Festival.. The play “King Lear and the Witches of Macbeth” wins the Best Integrated Show Award

The play “King Lear and the Witches of Macbeth” won the award for best integrated performance.

This came in the 6th session of the Iraqi Theater Festival, on which the curtain fell, on Tuesday.

The action hero, Kamran Raouf, won the Best Actor Award, and Hero Jawad won the Best Actress Award in a second role for the same show.

Jawad Al-Saadi won the Best Direction Award for the show “A Fairy Tale.” The show also won the Best Theatrical Text Award for writer Ali Abdel Nabi Al-Zaidi.

Hawar Fares won the Best Actress award for her role in the show “The Chairs”, which also won the Best Decoration Award at the festival.

The award for best group performance was won by the show “File 12”, directed by Mortada Nomi, and the show also won the award for best lighting.

Mohannad Berben won the award for best actor in a second role for the play “Radio”, while the award for best music and sound effects went to “Ritual of Firewood”.

The closing ceremony, which was held at the National Theater in Baghdad, included an artistic performance presented by the Al-Nahrain Band for Iraqi Heritage, and honoring four Iraqi artists, Bushra Ismail, Irfan Siddiq Dayla, Nazem Zahi, and Ghafoor Abdullah Rahim.

Academic researcher Ali Hadi al-Rubaie said in the closing speech of the delegations participating in the festival: “Two decades of years, two years added, a period between the last session of the Iraqi Theater Festival. However, the Iraqi playwrights, during these years, did not settle down or fall asleep, or their creative projects were disrupted.

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And he added: “One of the advantages of this gathering of us in Baghdad is that we simplify our performances in front of the Iraqi audience, and thus we put a brick in the edifice of the Iraqi theater, whose edifice is taking its glory by the grace of God Almighty, and thanks to you, colleagues.”

The Iraqi Theater Festival, organized by the Cinema and Theater Department of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, was launched on March 16, with the participation of 12 performances from various governorates of Iraq.