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Ireland wants to start international travel in mid-July

Ireland wants to start international travel in mid-July

Ireland must adopt the COVID-19 certificate to allow residents to travel to the European Union. This should happen from mid-July.


The Irish Minister of Health said that the country will introduce the so-called Green certificate In July. Originally, they wanted to do it at the end of July, but due to pressure from airlines and employers, they moved the date to an earlier date. Writes Reuters.

Ireland has the stricter travel restrictions than European Union countries. It does not recommend its residents to travel for recreational purposes. The state imposes fines for travel to the airport for vacation travel. Visitors from some countries must undergo a hotel quarantine for a period of two weeks.

On Friday, the Irish government will announce its plans to resume international travel, along with a timetable for further easing of restrictions on COVID-19 in the tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors.

The digital COVID certificate will be freely available in the European Union to anyone who is vaccinated, has a negative test, or has immunity.

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