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Is everything heading towards dill? exactly the contrary! Who tries to prove cosmic with the help of ancient texts

Peter SmiralMay 1, 2021 • 09:30

Is everything heading towards dill?  exactly the contrary!  That tries to prove cosmic with the help of ancient texts

Photo: Argo Publishing Archives

Cosmology They are not annoying, they are few … they cannot be reached. The “text” consists only of quotations from well-known and lesser-known ancient works, which mostly describe the origin of the world. The texts (presented in the originals as well as in translation and with an indication of the source) are accompanied by ink drawings, which had to deal with the fact that it is an almost non-narrative title, often dealing with somewhat abstract things that I had never seen before.

This is the first work of an author who only recently completed his studies, and in addition to drawing, he is also a graduate engraver. In an interview for the web See reading The author admits that he did not take the translations from the original copies as they are, but rather “coordinated them”, and above all standardizing the terminology so that each passage does not describe the same things with different names. I cannot imagine what this means for the Czech translator Danuša Navrátilová, who also had to turn to Czech translations of the original texts.

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Each of us is a beast

The book is divided into sections About the birth of the sky, about the birth of the stars, about the birth of the sun, about the birth of the earth’s surface, about the birth of animals and about the birth of monsters. However, in the final section, you will not come across any monsters, but rather peaceful-looking lizards, perhaps our ancestors. Yes, that might be the message of the book, among other things. Inside each of us is a toothed beast.

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The drawing, in fact rather a painting, was done at first with ink and ink, but in the end the artist decided to lighten the work and turn into a pen. I consider this decision practical, but problematic in terms of the outcome. His line drawings are not only guided by a hand. Not that they are visibly bad, but they lack the magic of ingenious movements that, from an artistic point of view, the result is mediocre and uninspiring. This is a shame, because this book wants to be primarily artistic.

The surprising result is that the author did the opposite of what we expected. Instead of illustrating chosen quotes, he first draws rounds of panels with blank text boxes and then searches for suitable excerpts from ancient classics.

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Poetry was associated with science

However, it is possible that whistling Cosmology Bring readers to the original texts of ancient thinkers. Above the printed passages, you realize there were times when poetry and science weren’t separate. They are both created by the same people, and they both speak the same language. In addition, the author admits to a small “trick”: he chose from texts mainly those that are in line with the current view of science. So he rejected the prevailing models of geocentrism and chose only rare texts that have a heliocentric model, in which our planet revolves around the sun, and not the other way around. We can even consider the quote from Aristophanes a poetic description of the Big Bang: “In the bosom of colossal darkness, the black-winged night moved and an egg was born for the first time.”

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The language of these excerpts is delicious, but the excerpts are so short that you can only enjoy the kindness of the words, otherwise they are fragmentary bits of text without a proper link. The screenwriter could have added that, if there had been one. However, the resulting message is happy: the entire universe is moving from chaos and discord to order, purpose, and order. Have we reached the end of this movement or only the beginning?

Cosmology They’re an ambitious act, but they only appeal to a few curious people, and they don’t really work as a comedian, even though they’re officially a comedian. If you want to have a library weirdness for meditation rather than biased reading, this might be the title for you. Otherwise it’s probably difficult.

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