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Is it time for Manchester City penalty in the Premier League?

Is it time for Manchester City penalty in the Premier League?

Fans are watching to see what happens in the case between City and the Premier League (Sound Scarf / Getty).

The English Premier League has appointed experts to a highly secretive legal inquiry over a three-year period to investigate Manchester City club’s financial dealings, indicating a battle for financial justice between last season’s Premier League champions and officials. The domestic competition has reached its final stage.

The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, on Sunday revealed that experts hired by the English Premier League had been appointed to lay the blame directly on Manchester City’s management, but so far there has been no confirmation from the panel. Direct allegations against them.

He further added that the English Premier League had acted to keep the legal battle secret after the German newspaper “Der Spiegel” published emails revealing the size of the financial numbers deliberately raised by the Manchester City administration, which violated the rules. Financial fair game.

He explained that the European Football Association had filed charges against Manchester City in 2019 and banned him from participating in the Champions League, but that the arbitral tribunal for sports in July 2020 would not invalidate the “CAS” decision due to lack of complete evidence.

The Manchester City administration has been working for the past three years to appeal against the English Premier League because it has no right to investigate its members, which has been the subject of litigation in civil courts between the two parties. United Kingdom.

The case reached the UK Supreme Court in July 2021, and the Manchester City administration asked that all details be kept confidential, but the local media demanded that the case be made public.

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Lord Justice Malles, one of the most senior judges in the United Kingdom, has called for the case to be made public, especially since the trial began in December 2018, when he stressed that the city of Manchester was a public project and that everyone had a right to it. Find out what’s going on.

All internal correspondence with Manchester City’s lawyer Simon Cliff made it clear that the English team’s management was refusing to impose fines due to the rules of the game of financial fairness, and that its members were ready for a legal battle.

He concluded that the legal battle between the Manchester City administration and the English Premier League would witness many events in the years to come. Against the team in the “Premier League”?