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Is management a science, an art, or a profession?

Is management a science, an art, or a profession?Management is the process of organizing and coordinating commercial activities in order to achieve the specific objectives of the company or institution. It also refers to the authority entrusted to some individuals to make decisions and generally supervise the company. Management is a science, an art, or a profession.

What is management?

Management is an essential factor for the success or even failure of the different system, whether it is an economic, educational or other system. The management is the process of organizing and coordinating commercial activities, in order to achieve the specific goals of the system. It also refers to a group of related activities. Objectives, by relying on the use of resources in the best possible way, which is the behavior of those responsible for making decisions within the system, as it is represented in creating and maintaining the business environment through the work of the members of the system in a team spirit and achieving the goals as effectively and efficiently as possible.[1]

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Is management a science, an art, or a profession?

Certainly, management is a process that combines science, art and professionManagement is a political, economic and social process, as it is a science and an art, art is the personal ability of the individual in terms of his personal experiences and skills, while management science is based on scientific research and scientific foundations, the combination of science and art is one of the reasons for success for people who work in Management, and management is considered one of the most prestigious and noble professions, because it puts the person in a position of responsibility, and takes care of the affairs of staff and the system, and management is the process of carrying out work in an effective and efficient way, to achieve the goals that the organization seeks, through the optimal use of all available resources.

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management jobs

Management functions, or as the management elements are known, are a set of main functions and activities that fall on the shoulders of administrators in the organization at various levels, in order to achieve the goals of the institution. The most important elements of management are the following:

  • Planning: It is the job through which individuals seek to set the main goals of the company, the mechanism for achieving them, build the necessary strategies to achieve the goals, and determine the optimal way through which the goals will be achieved, and thus managers are able to solve problems.
  • Organization: It is the coordination of tasks, the division of work among employees, the design of jobs, the preparation of the agenda, the collection of resources from employees, business and financial support, which managers need to reach goals, and the assignment of some employees to carry out specific activities.
  • recruitment: It is the job that provides for placing the right employee in the right place, so that a structure for employees is created, and the capabilities and capabilities of each person are known, that is, it is an administrative process that seeks to recruit, test and train individuals to work in the company.
  • Orientation: It is to contribute to building an interactive work environment, so that employees are allowed to know what should be done by officials, and the role of managers is not limited to giving orders, but rather they have to complete tasks, and supervise employees’ implementation of them.
  • control: It is the process of preparing basic standards to achieve goals by measuring and following-up the performance of employees, to correct and modify any error or deviation.
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management levels

In many organizations there are different levels of management, according to their size, and there are usually three levels of management, which are as follows:

  • Higher Management: It is the highest level of management, and it includes a group of essential people to lead and direct others, and these people have the highest authority, and it mainly consists of the chairman of the board of directors, the general manager, the financial director, and the executive director, and it is incumbent upon it to monitor and supervise all the work of the institution.
  • Middle management: It is the middle level in management, and it is concerned with organizing the work of the main departments and sub-sections, and it includes the heads of the departments who have the task of implementing the plans and policies set by the senior management.
  • Lower management: It is also known as operational management, in which managers focus on control and direction, and this level consists of workers and foremen, whose authority is limited.

management areas

Here are some of the areas of management in the modern era, including:

  • International management.
  • knowledge management.
  • Management of police institutions.
  • educational administration.
  • Hotel management.
  • Hospital management.
  • Business Management.
  • Public Administration.

Here we have come to the end of our article Is management a science, an art, or a profession?where we shed light on the concept of management, its functions, and its three levels of upper, lower and middle management, and their fields.