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هل زوجي هو شخص النرجسي؟ 8 علامات تؤكد ذلك

Is my husband a narcissist? 8 signs that prove it

Follow-up – Jawdat Nasri

It is considered a personality disorder that causes problems for the person himself and for the people who deal with him, so how if the closest person to you such as your husband suffers from narcissism, what are the annoying behaviors that are difficult to deal with in his personality? Here are signs to help you identify a narcissistic husband and how to deal with him.

1- Everything revolves around him

The narcissist directs the conversations to himself, whatever the topic. A narcissist likes to be kept in the spotlight and to be the center of attention. If not, expect him to get angry and feel very upset and maybe even cause trouble. But this matter is not limited only to the conversations that take place between you, but rather every decision, opinion, goal, or any other matter must be required. to revolve around it. He probably won’t take your opinion into account; Because he wants things to go the way he wants.

2- His character seems charming at first

At the beginning of the relationship, you feel that he is also a charming and wonderful person, who will not reveal his truth to you quickly, and he may deceive you to get what he wants. He will pamper you, shower you with his affection, and make you feel that you are the most important. This magic may last for days, months, or even a year, but eventually you will realize his true personality; To turn from the charming person you’re attracted to into someone you don’t feel comfortable with.

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3- He doesn’t care about your feelings

If your husband is a narcissist, simply because he doesn’t care what you say or think and doesn’t care about your feelings because he can’t deal with them; He makes decisions that are in line with his personal interests without any regard for you.

4- It cuts you off from the world

A narcissist likes to be in control of a relationship, and that’s not right. He will isolate you from spending time with your friends or family members, he will continue to check your phone and monitor your accounts on social media and may prevent you from them permanently. The goal of these behaviors is to depend on him, and to feel that you need him financially or morally.

5- moody

The narcissist does not know how to control his feelings, and does not accept criticism at all; Because he needs to feel more important, stronger and better than others. His mood can fluctuate quickly if someone touches his “I”, or if he does not get the treatment he thinks he deserves, i.e. an important person.

6- Avoids taking responsibility

You will notice that the narcissist takes responsibility only if the result is positive; Because the praise and credit he will get for taking on these responsibilities will feed his ego, but he will not take full responsibility if something goes wrong, in which case he will blame you. His character seems charming at first.

7- He calls you crazy

It makes you feel insecure, makes you anxious, and confuses you at times. It is one of the ways a narcissist can control and manipulate you. If, for example, you reveal it with a lie; He will call you crazy, deny what he said, change the story to put you at a loss, and maybe even blame you.

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8- He lives in delusions of grandeur

The narcissist thinks he is too great, he doesn’t see you or others as equals, but he thinks he is superior to you, and more important than you. He may accuse you and everyone around him of being jealous of him, but the reality is completely different from what he has in mind.

You have to understand that narcissism is a real psychological problem, and it is a personality disorder that is not easily treated, and you need a psychologist; So, if your husband is a narcissist; It is best to encourage him to consult a psychiatrist to solve the problem. It is also important to educate yourself more about narcissism, and to understand its nature and behavior; You can expect his reactions without being emotionally affected.