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Is Rolls-Royce the world’s fastest electric plane? .. Report Answers

Rolls-Royce claims that its electric aircraft has reached a top speed of 623 kilometers per hour (over 387 miles per hour), which the company claims is the “world’s fastest electric vehicle”.

In a statement, CNBC reported that Rolls-Royce – not to be confused with BMW-owned Rolls-Royce motor cars – believed that the so-called “spirit of innovation” was the planet’s “fastest electric aircraft”.

Three world record claims will be submitted to Federation Aeronautical International. I.e.: aircraft reaching a maximum speed of 555.9 km / h in the 3 km range; Reaches speeds of 532.1 km / h at 15 km / h; Reach 3000 meters in 202 seconds.

During these rounds, the aircraft recorded a speed of 623 kilometers per hour.

The “Spirit of Innovation” is the result of a program called ACCEL or Accelerated Aviation Electrification.

Partners in this effort include YASA experts including electric motors and control units and Electroflight, which Rolls-Royce describes as a start-up airline. YASA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz.

In terms of funding, 50% came from the aerospace technology company in partnership with the UK Government for the UK Sector of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Innovation.

According to Rolls-Royce, the aircraft uses a 400 kW electric motor and is “the largest density propulsion battery pack ever made in space”.

In September it completed its first flight and flew for about 15 minutes in the UK skies.

Concerned about sustainability and the increase in the environment – the World Wildlife Fund describes aviation as “the most carbon-intensive activity an individual can undertake” – discussions on aviation focus more on how to minimize its environmental impact.

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Over the past few years, many companies have sought to develop plans and concepts related to low-emission and zero-emission aviation.

Last September, for example, a passenger-capable hydrogen-fueled aircraft flew over the UK on its first flight.

In the same month, Airbus unveiled three hydrogen – powered concept aircraft, which the European space agency said could enter service by 2035.