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Is Syria asked about the flag of Lebanon?

Is Syria asked about the flag of Lebanon?

It was stated in “Central”:

Following the announcement by the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on the Ashura commemoration that Iranian oil had arrived in Beirut within days, the American ambassador, Dorothy Shea, went to Baabda Palace and informed the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, that the United States was looking for a formula that would allow Lebanon to import gas from Egypt to Jordan and Lebanon. Through Syria, to help solve its electricity and fuel crisis, before a delegation from the US Congress also landed in Lebanon last week, saying that the latter does not have to cooperate with Iran on oil…

These positions were interpreted, according to what political sources opposed to “centralisation,” as an American green light to communicate with Damascus officially and to discuss ways of cooperation between the two countries to deliver gas from Egypt to Lebanon via Syria… This explanation may be in place, but partly… The mechanism that Shea referred to has not yet been approved or clear, which means that the ministerial delegation to Syria hastened this visit, sources say that Washington may turn a blind eye to no more than technical coordination, similar to the meeting expected to be held on Wednesday, where Jordan will host Egyptian energy ministers And the Syrian and the Lebanese, to discuss ways to enhance cooperation to deliver Egyptian gas to Lebanon via Jordan.

At this point, in form, content and presence, the official Lebanese communication with Damascus is supposed to stop, and it should be limited to this technical aspect, nothing more… But according to the sources, it seems that the opposition team laughed secretly at the American position and considered it to be “a fat on the pie” in its tireless and continuous quest to normalize relations. Between Beirut and the Levant, and strengthening and activating them, as two capitals that are partners in the axis of resistance in the region.. Otherwise, how can he explain the pilgrimage of those in its orbit, quickly to Damascus?! No sooner had the ministerial delegation – which logically should have, in order to remove the normal political “suspicions” from it, be limited to Major General Abbas Ibrahim – returned from it on Saturday, until the head of the Lebanese Democratic Party, Talal Arslan, went to it on Sunday with a large Druze delegation that included Sheikh Nasr al-Din al-Gharib and Minister Ramzi Al-Mashrafieh, Wiam Wahhab and Saleh Al-Gharib, in addition to the Deputy Secretary-General of the Lebanese Struggle Movement, Tariq Al-Daoud, and a number of Druze sheikhs and activists, and the Political Council of the Lebanese Democratic Party. During the meeting, al-Assad stressed “the Lebanese-Syrian relationship and the need to move it from what it was to into a relationship of institutions and common interests.” He also stressed that “Syria will facilitate everything that serves the Lebanese brothers,” proposing the idea of ​​”establishing joint production projects in the field of alternative energy,” and expressing “his country’s readiness to put some of its vast territories in the service of joint projects and production projects.” And given the “supreme” in Assad’s handling of the Lebanese crisis, not only by showing his willingness to help when his people desperately need help, but also by receiving Lebanese ministers and not respecting the protocol of diplomatic meetings, the sources ask, will the Syrian ambassador in Beirut be summoned to inform him of Lebanon’s protocol protest against the absence of the flag? The Lebanese about the meeting halls in the Levant, or will official Lebanon, neither in Baabda nor in Bustros Palace, do anything about this “insult” that reflects Damascus’s eternal desire to follow Lebanon?

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In a promise to start, the sources add, it seems that there are those who are trying to take advantage of the American courtyard as an invader, to revive old and new projects that are always on his agenda… But beware of going too far and crossing red lines, the sources continue, for Washington will not be silent about economic cooperation that violates the law Caesar between Beirut and the Levant, nor about the final fall of Lebanon in the Iranian axis…