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Is Tesla easy to trick and hard to put down?  The tragic accident raises questions

Is Tesla easy to trick and hard to put down? The tragic accident raises questions

Tesla is facing general pressure after the Model S collides with a tree at high speed. According to the local police, there was no one behind the wheel of the car. After the fire was extinguished, police found two men – one sitting in the front passenger seat and the other in the back of the car.

Although the news so far is about the autopilot system, which was supposed to allow the couple to move, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is resisting that, according to an internal investigation, the system has not been activated, needs guidelines and does not exceed the speed limit. . In addition, it is claimed that the specific vehicle did not activate the full package of these functions.

So the question arises what exactly happened before the accident. Before the tragic event a few hundred meters from the house they left, the spouses believed that the system was active, although it was not. However, the investigation by the road safety authorities is far from over.

In any case, photos and videos are circulating on social networks again, which shows how easy it can be to deceive the autopilot system, which is already infuriating regulators with its confident name.

According to many, the Tesla system is not sufficient to guarantee the driver’s attention or presence, and of course it is still necessary for legislative reasons, as the driver is still responsible for his car, despite the existence of laws on the wheel in some US states. They are more wealthy than in Europe.

Several shots show the owners that a regular bottle or similar heavy object puts enough steering wheel resistance, and lets the Tesla Model S run autopilot.

It takes days to turn off an electric vehicle

The accident is also another reminder of the trouble electric firefighters can cause in electric cars in such serious accidents. According to the Daily Mail server, the car fire, which the couple’s relatives saw, could not be completely extinguished even after four hours, and the firefighters had to communicate with the car manufacturer through the correct procedure.

“The reason for the complexity of turning off electric cars is building the traction battery, in which the cells are connected. These things are hidden so that nothing happens to them, in a coffin that protects the battery from external influences. In the event of an accident, a chemical reaction and combustion may occur there,” Rudolf described Kramash from the General Directorate of Fire and Rescue Service news earlier.

In the end, they used 145,000 liters of water to extinguish the car. According to the instructions of some manufacturers, the water bath is often used on car fires with traction batteries, that is, a container filled with water and other materials, which ensures safety and environmental operation in the sense that hazardous substances do not seep directly into the perimeter. “They have to stay submerged for several days,” a fire brigade spokeswoman said, interfering last year in Eastlice, when a hybrid electric car caught fire at a service station.

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