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Is the Earth expanding or shrinking and when does it lose its atmosphere? .. A NASA scientist answers

Is the Earth expanding or shrinking and when does it lose its atmosphere? .. A NASA scientist answers Our blue planet is constantly undergoing very large changes, since its formation to this day, and although humans do not notice them directly, because of its very short life compared to the age of the Earth, it is possible to estimate it scientifically.

According to “Sputnik”, our blue planet, like the rest of the planets in the solar system, constantly receives a lot of new materials coming from the solar system, such as dust flying in space or stones, small and large meteorites, and others, but the planet loses the gases that leak from its atmosphere. regularly towards space, so it can be said that our planet is constantly losing matter and also obtaining new materials, so is the Earth expanding or contracting?

published a magazine “Live ScienceThe Scientific Report issued a report in which it answered this thorny question that preoccupied many scientists for decades, as this information would provide data on the future of the Earth and the future of humanity as well.

Earth receives “gifts” and elements escape from it

The continuous leakage of gases from our planet towards space causes the Earth to shrink in size, specifically the size of the atmosphere, as the atmosphere is constantly shrinking and shrinking, according to a prominent research scientist who studies gas leakage from the atmosphere at NASA’s “Langley” Research Center in Virginia, the world Guillaume Gronov, the Earth in this respect “is not shrinking much.”

On the other hand, planets are formed by continuous accumulation, that is, when space dust of various types collides with the Earth, which causes the Earth to increase in size more and more. After the formation of the Earth about 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth received a small amount of accretion in the form of meteorites and asteroids that added to the Earth’s mass, Gronov said.

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But once the planet is formed, another opposite process begins, which is “escape from the atmosphere,” according to Gronov, a process similar to evaporation, but on a different scale, and according to the world, the oxygen, hydrogen and helium atoms absorb enough energy from the sun to help it escape from the atmosphere .

But by observing the rate of meteorites falling, scientists estimate that about 16,500 tons (15,000 metric tons), or about one and a half of the Eiffel Towers, fall on the planet every year, which increases its mass, Gronov told the magazine.Live Science“.

Meanwhile, using satellite data, the scientists estimated the rate of atmospheric leakage. “It’s something like 82,700 tons (75,000 metric tons), the size of 7.5 from the Eiffel Tower,” Gronov said.

Scientists estimated the quantities leaking from the atmosphere, which were determined over the past 100 years, and according to Gronov, the Earth loses about 60,000 tons of atmosphere annually, meaning that the Earth will lose its atmosphere after about 5 billion years, if the planet does not have a way to renew it.

However, on the other hand, the ocean and other processes, such as volcanic eruptions, help replenish the Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, it will take about 3,000 times more than the previous period to lose the entire Earth’s atmosphere, or about 15.4 trillion years, for the Earth to lose its atmosphere, a time “more than a hundred times the age of the universe,” according to the scientist.

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