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Islam between monotheism and renewal |  Al Jazeera Net

Islam between monotheism and renewal | Al Jazeera Net

“Science and Islam”; With these words, the Algerian President Boudiaf ended his life and political career before the hand of treachery reached him and killed him in 1992, but it is remarkable that the last word was “Islam” before he was shot by one of his guards, during a lecture he was giving and saying that the development of nations and countries is based on science and Islam. Of course, this speech will not be admired by many of the secularists who raise the slogan of secularism as the solution and salvation to the state of ignorance that our country is experiencing and which led to our exit from the paths of civilization. Science, Philosophy and Progress.

But they missed that the cultural and scientific wave that changed the state of Europe was the result of the transfer of sciences from the East to them. Europe, for example, did not know Aristotle, Socrates and Greek philosophy except through Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd, but unfortunately Europe benefited from that rich and rich heritage and accumulated On it, the Renaissance began, and it began to utter ignorance and complete darkness, and produced philosophers and theorists, and created a state of enlightenment. As for the Islamic world, it denied that heritage and began the stage of decadence. We were stuck in the superficial interpretation of texts, indifferent to their spirit and hadiths that urge science and development. Islam is based on two pillars: “Tawheed and renewal.” “.

I remember that on one occasion I wrote that Islam is based on monotheism and renewal, and at that time I started a campaign of attacks and was criticized as if I had distorted the religion and that what I wrote was not from the hadith or the Qur’an and that it was an innovation, but many have missed that jurisprudence, theology, interpretation and interpretation is a human invention except what was taken from the master of mankind; He does not speak out of whims, but innovation is based on the ijtihad that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, approved through his conversation with Muadh bin Jabal when he appointed him over Yemen. But it is necessary that what we say does not contradict “God said” and “The Messenger said,” and this is the ijtihad. Today, the nation suffers from two cloning: the first is reproducing and recalling the past without any renewal, and the second is reproducing and applying the experiences of other nations without any modification.

But what does it mean that Islam is based on monotheism and renewal?


With the beginning of the call and the revelation of the revelation to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, the Arabian Peninsula was based on paganism and idolatry and its manufacture in order to worship them. We unite God and acknowledge the two testimonies, but the question is: Do we really unite God and do not associate anything with Him? Before answering this question, there is another question that says: Is change an easy process? Is the message of unification easy? If we want to change the place of a sofa in our house from one place to another, how long does it take for us to make a decision? Undoubtedly, it is not difficult, but from a belief and intellectual point of view, it is a very difficult task. How about an idea based on breaking the existing priesthood and breaking the idea of ​​idols before breaking the idols themselves? This is a mission brought by the Meccan Qur’an, which was warning people with strong words, just as the biography of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, before the Hijrah was to clarify the meaning of monotheism. God Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Returning to the question: Do we truly unite God? Monotheism means that no one shares the Lord of Glory in dominion and divinity, and it is the belief that Allah One in His Essence, Attributes and Actions, He has no partner in His possession and management, and that He alone is worthy. to worship It is not spent on anyone else, but today because of the changes and changes that have occurred in societies, we have become partners with God in everything. We glorify the leader, the president, the deputy, the minister, the position and the chair. Here we have hit the first pillar and did not adhere to it.

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As for renewal, it is a parallel process with monotheism. There is no unification without renewal and no renewal without monotheism. Of course, this word provokes some Islamists and accuses those who carry this slogan of being surprising and walking with the Western wave that demands democratic Islam and secular and modern Islam, and all these terms were mentioned by Sherrill. Benard in her book “Civil Democratic Islam,” but we have to pay attention to a basic concept that there is no absolute monopoly in the world of terminology. The logo is for its holder. Yes, renewal is necessary, but the required renewal is not in the fundamentals and finalities, but in the branches, assumptions, ijtihad, and discourse. Things cannot remain as they are today, and this is what Sheikh Al-Ghazali referred to, who called for intelligent jurisprudence, which is the jurisprudence that takes into account social and political changes and conformity with Those rapid changes, and this is the essence of Islam, the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, says: “God sends at the head of every hundred years someone who renews to this nation the matter of its religion.” For example, the BMW car is a sophisticated, beautiful and powerful car, but this car despite its Its specifications are global, so it needs a modern marketing plan in order to sell. If the marketing propaganda is bad, the company will lose and the car’s specifications will be for nothing. This is the case of Islam; It needs smart, energetic, talkative preachers who are able to make a difference in their societies. Today, the discourse must change and be renewed, not dissipated, a discourse that restores the essence, returns to the origins, preserves the ruptures, and puts a contemporary reading in the speculations and branches, we must return to the spirit of the texts, Islam A dynamic, dynamic system that interacts, changes and adapts, the universe since its inception is in a state of permanent motion and there are laws that govern those planets. The universe is the macro aspect, and Islam is the micro of the human and human condition. The two cases are consistent with each other. Exhaustion and decline at all levels, this large universe is a great reflection of the small human life, the renewed human movement must be in the form of cosmic change, change and movement.

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The problem is not with Islam. The problem is with Muslims who believed that they were pure monotheists, and that Islam was static and not developed. The Algerian president summed up his two scenes of “development and progress” with “Islam and science.” Islam is not hostile to science, and science does not contradict Islam.