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Ismaily made many mistakes in the science of sports management.. Half of the team’s players asked to leave because they felt insulted

The journalist, Ahmed Hossam Mido, and the technical director of the football team at the Ismaili Club, confirmed that the first team has been suffering for years, stressing that the decline is not the result of the moment.

Ahmed Hossam Mido said, during televised statements, on the “Remontada” program, broadcast on the “Al-Mehwar” channel, that this season the Ismailis committed many things wrong in the science of sports management, and some players were contracted with contracts and money much higher than their capabilities, and this is what put the club in Big crisis.

And he continued: There are some players in Ismaily who obtained 50% or 60% of the percentage of their contracts in the current season, at a time when some players did not receive dues last season.

And he continued: When I assumed technical responsibility for the Ismaili, I knew the difficulty of the task, and that I was not going to Disneyland, but the issue in Ismailia is greater than just the late dues.

And he continued: Ismaili was looted, and there are players who received money and did not participate in the matches. There is money that was not paid in its place.

And he added: There must be help from officials in the state, Ismaili is not a small club, and you will not be able to compensate Ismaili, his fans or his history.

And he went on: It is difficult for the players, and I cannot slaughter them because I am close to them and I know their circumstances. The players do not get their dues and they are insulted and insulted in the stands.

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And he concluded: Abd al-Rahman was in court after a lawsuit from Yahya al-Koumi against him for breach of trust. Half of the Ismaili players asked to leave because they felt insulted.