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Israel has a new prime minister, Netanyahu is coming to an end after twelve years

Israel has a new prime minister, Netanyahu is coming to an end after twelve years

Israel has seen four elections in two years. The incoming government of newly elected Prime Minister Naftali Bennett breaks the long political deadlock, the site writes CNN. Naftali Bennett will be prime minister until August 27, 2023, when, according to the coalition agreement, he will be replaced by Jair Lapid of the centrist Yesh Atid, who will likely take the position of foreign minister by then. Bennett was sworn in as the thirteenth Israeli Prime Minister and Lapid as the fourteenth.

The Israeli Knesset, which includes 120 members, expressed confidence in the new government, which has the support of 60 members, while 59 members opposed it. One member abstained from voting. Bennett and his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu, shook hands, and after swearing in, Bennett took Netanyahu’s place. However, when Bennett again passed Netanyahu’s new chair, Netanyahu refused to shake his hand again, he wrote. Jerusalem Post.

On Sunday evening, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett invited his cabinet to a short meeting for the first time. “We knew it simply at the time. We will work to correct the division among our people and get the country back to work,” he added. Ha’aretz. To ensure the success of an ideologically diverse government, he said, all members must maintain “restraint and moderation in an ideological sense”.

The different areas of interest of the parties in the government will be a challenge to the coalition. The question is whether the ruling parties can find common ground on key issues, such as settling relations with Palestine. Two parties in the new coalition are fundamentally opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state, so the resumption of the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians is in the stars.

Instead, according to CNN, Bennett will focus on domestic affairs within his two years as prime minister, Israel has not approved the budget since March 2018, and the newly elected government has three months to adopt, or else the Knesset will be dissolved and the country will go to the polls again.

According to CNN, Bennett’s path to victory appeared lost during 11 days of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants. At the time, Netanyahu appeared to have thwarted all opposition parties’ chances of forming a government. However, Lapid was able to agree on a partnership between the two parties, which eventually led to the end of Netanyahu’s term.

The Israeli media expects a shift in Israeli politics with Netanyahu out of the forefront. Although his party still has the largest representation in Parliament, it will now be in the opposition and may have a few parliamentary committees. According to the media, the 71-year-old current prime minister has indicated that he intends to remain at the head of the Likud party, although he will be in the opposition.

Bennett became prime minister as the leader of the right-wing Jamina party, which has only seven seats in the Israeli Knesset. This makes him the only prime minister in the history of a country with such a small faction, which is why his nomination according to BBC noticeable. For example, Netanyahu’s Likud party won 30 seats in the March elections. However, Netanyahu again failed to form a governing coalition.

Although Bennett’s faction ranked fifth with seven deputies, his support was essential if either of the two competing blocs for power would be able to form a viable governing coalition.

In a complaint to Rivlin, Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party indicated that Bennett could not be prime minister because he was not tasked with forming a government. But Rivlin’s legal advisor, Odette Corinaldi Serkis, said she did not see any legal obstacle to the formation of the government due to the existence of an alternative agreement for the post of prime minister, including Lapid.