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إسرائيل تكشف سر تقربها من الدول الإفريقية وجلعاد أردان يميط اللثام عن أحدث المشاريع في القارة

Israel reveals the secret of its proximity to African countries, and Gilad Ardan unveils the latest projects on the continent

The Israeli Channel Seven revealed the secret of Tel Aviv’s closeness to African countries and the meetings held by the Israeli ambassador to the United States and the United Nations, Gilad Erdan.

periods Channel “Seventh” According to Erdan, Israel continues to expand its relationship with African countries, during a meeting with more than 25 UN ambassadors from African countries.

Erdan stressed that Israel aims to expand the base of diplomatic and economic relations with African countries in order to influence their voting pattern within the institutions and bodies of the United Nations, while maintaining Israel’s stay in the African Union as an observer member.

The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations stated that an Israeli organization will undertake a new initiative to connect about 2,000 villages in the African continent with water and electricity through renewable energy.

He explained that his country enjoys diplomatic relations with more than 46 African countries, and it maintains strong bilateral relations with them in more than one vital field, whether in the economy or development, and is always working to form partnerships with these African countries.

This evening’s evening was held as part of the Israeli Ambassador’s initiatives to strengthen relations with African countries.

“We are just getting started,” he said. “The strategic alliance between Africa and Israel has the potential to spur innovation that can change our environment.”

He added: “Unfortunately, there are those who still oppose strengthening our relationship and even seek to cancel Israel’s new status as an observer state in the African Union.”

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He continued, “This discrimination against Israel, which has a land border with Africa and enjoys relations with 46 African countries, which are involved in development and broad economic activity, is hypocritical and biased discrimination, and hinders the progress of our region.”

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of last August, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania and Comoros officially objected to the acceptance by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission of the credentials of Israel as an observer member of the Union.

Israel’s appointment was also criticized by the embassies of Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Palestine and Yemen, the Arab League mission and Arab embassies.

Israel had announced that it had officially obtained the status of an observer member of the African Union, a goal it had sought for nearly two decades.

Source: Hebrew media