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Israeli archaeologists find treasures in ancient shipwreck

Israeli archaeologists find treasures in ancient shipwreck

The Israel Antiquities Authority said in a statement that the ring The gold octagon bears on its green gem the ‘Good Shepherd’ motif of a young shepherd in a long shirt and carrying a ram or sheep on his shoulders.

The ring was found among a group of Roman coins dating back to the third century, in addition to a bronze statue of an eagle, bells to drive away evil spirits, pottery and a statue of a Roman actor with a comic mask, according to the source.

salad said Archaeology In the relatively shallow waters, a red gemstone engraved with a lyre was also found, as well as the remains of the wooden hull of the ship.

Caesarea was the local capital of the Roman Empire in the third century and its port was a major center of Rome’s activity, according to Helena Sokolow, coordinator of the coinage department of the Israel Antiquities Authority, who has researched the subject of the “Good Shepherd” seal.

periods Sokolov: “The presence of such a symbol on a seal belonging to a Roman active in or around Caesarea probably makes sense, given the ethnically and religiously heterogeneous nature of the port in the third century, when it was one of the first centers of Christianity.”

“We are talking about a period when Christianity was in its infancy, but it certainly grows and develops, especially in mixed cities such as Caesarea,” she told AFP, noting that the ring itself is small, which means that it may have belonged to a woman.

Besides the Roman-era finds, Divers from the Antiquities Authority also unearthed in a second wreck at a nearby site a treasure containing some 560 Mamluk coins dating back to the 14th century.

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It is estimated that the two ships sank 1700 and 600 years ago.