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Israeli elections: Will Netanyahu form a far-right government?

Israeli elections: Will Netanyahu form a far-right government?

  • Muhannad Totanji
  • BBB – Jerusalem

photo released, Reuters

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu topped the results of the Israeli elections that took place a few days ago.

Partial results of the elections to the Fifth Knesset in the four years and the 25th since the establishment of Israel indicate that the right-wing camp won 65 seats.

This camp includes four parties: Likud (32 seats) and Religious Zionism )14 seats ( Shas Party (11 seats) and United Torah Judaism (8 seats in principle).

After the previous election round, Likud leader Netanyahu sought to restore his popularity in the strongholds of the right, specifically among the religious trend, by strengthening the right-wing alliance to ensure that the right-wing votes, which were usually shared by a group of parties, were not scattered.