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Israel's "surprising" position on Iran nuclear negotiations

Israel’s “surprising” position on Iran nuclear negotiations

And the American news website “Exisos” said that Haliva informed the Cabinet, during a meeting chaired by him Netfali BennettLast Sunday, with this estimate, the website quoted two ministers who attended the meeting.

The two ministers, whose identities were not revealed by the website, stated that Haliva considered the nuclear deal better Laserlay from collapse nuclear talks and not reaching an agreement.

And the American news site considered that the military intelligence talk reflects a broader transformation in the Israeli military establishment, despite the fact that Tel Aviv is publicly launching strong campaigns against the agreement concluded in 2015.

Bennett continues to express hard positions on the use of diplomacy with Iran.

Haliva, who assumed this position last October, during his speech to the cabinet, considered that concluding a deal in Vienna would serve Israeli interests, by providing more certainty about the restrictions imposed on the Iranian nuclear program, and would provide more time for the Hebrew state to prepare for scenarios escalation.

The general was commenting on the presentation of the head of the foreign intelligence service “Mossad”, David Barnea, regarding the annual intelligence assessment of the agency.

Barnea told the ministers that there was plenty of time to influence the US position on the Vienna negotiations, expressing reservations about the possibility that the agreement would serve Israel’s interests.

The Israeli officials used to say in the general assessment, until recently, that Iran was buying time in the Vienna negotiations, but the likelihood of reaching an agreement became more than before.

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