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فريد شوقي في مشهد من فيلم خرج ولم يعد

It caused him to gain weight, and Adel Adham rejected him before him.. Tales behind Farid Shawqi’s character in “He came out and didn’t return” | news

Many do not know that the movie “He came out and did not return” was subjected to a major crisis in its preparations for the refusal of a number of big stars to participate in it, specifically in the role played by Farid Shawqi, which is “Kamal Bey Aziz”.


Yahya Al-Fakharani told the scenes of making the movie “He came out and did not return” during a previous interview with the artist, Esaad Younes, and said that he had moved away from presenting films and turned to television drama, which made some stars refuse to present the character “Kamal Bey Aziz”, which was presented by Farid Shawqi, because of He is the hero of the movie.

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He said: “Farid Shawqi was great and the first was not convinced of the movie,” noting that the role was rejected by Adel Adham and then rejected by more than one star, because they did not want to present the role of the old man in a movie starring Yahya Al-Fakharani, who is far from the cinema.


Yahya Al-Fakhrani added that he was surprised by Farid Shawqi’s reaction at the premiere of the film, as he said to him enthusiastically: “God, this is a nice movie, it has remained,” noting that the reason why the late star was not convinced of the movie at first, was because of filming his scenes in rural areas, which required him to travel. Daily.


Situations and anecdotes in the scenes of the movie “He came out and did not return”
Yahya Al-Fakharani talked about the scenes of making the film, and some funny situations he went through.

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– Muhammad Khan insisted on filming the scene of Yahya al-Fakhrani sleeping and a large mouse passing in front of his face, which al-Fakhrani refused, fearing that the mouse would act in a way that would harm him. He tied the mouse, but after the work team finished setting the cameras and lights, they discovered that the mouse died of fear, so Muhammad Khan was forced to film the scene with a dead mouse, pushing him to pass in front of the camera.

Al-Fakharani confirmed that he, Farid Shawqi and director Muhammad Khan increased 5 kilograms during filming, due to the large number of them eating.

– Yahya Al-Fakharani won the Best Actor Award at the Kartah Film Festival, for his role in the movie “He came out and did not return.” Because some prefer to give it to Adel Imam or Farid Shawqi.

– Author Assem Tawfiq wrote the script for the film in 3 weeks, and it was executed without any modifications.


The events of the movie “He came out and did not return” revolve around Attia Abdel-Khaleq, a government employee in government agencies, who escapes from his problems in Cairo and travels to his town to sell the land he inherited from his father. The simple in the countryside and away from the stresses and noise of city life.

And the movie “He came out and didn’t come back” was shown in 1984, based on the story “Breaking Spring” by HB Bates, script and dialogue by Asim Tawfiq, directed by Muhammad Khan, and starring Yahya Al-Fakhrani, Farid Shawqi, Laila Alawi, Tawfiq Al-Daqn, Aida Abdel Aziz, Ihsan Sharif and Maha gift.

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