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It could finally solve one of the mysteries of the universe… A series of radio bursts hitting Earth

A team of scientists reports that frequent bursts of energy from the depths of space could finally solve one of the deepest mysteries of the universe.

According to the team, a series of intense emissions come from a magnetar, and their properties may be important for understanding what they are.

Magnetars are one of the strongest forces in the universe, and they are a special type of neutron star that has a strong magnetic field. The magnetar spins so fast on its axis that it completes a cycle between 1 and 10 seconds. However, these stars are still very much a mystery, and astronomers know very little about their properties, how they form, or even what they are.

But scientists now believe that a series of emissions, discovered on Earth in 2020, can finally help solve some of this mystery.

And the events began in 2020, when scientists discovered that a magnetar known as SGR 1935 + 2154 appears to be slowing down, losing its angular momentum (also known as the term torque of momentum, angular torque, kinetic torque, or rotational momentum). Astronomers call this a “down-spin glitch,” and actually seeing it is rare.

Then, three intense radio bursts were detected. Both events (glitches and radio signals) are rare. Scientists say the fact that they occur together indicates that they are related.

This combination could be useful in understanding how magnetars and fast radio bursts (FRBs) occur, and what triggers them.

Scientists hypothesize that the magnetar released plasma that caused winds that slowed the star’s angular momentum and magnetic field, which together led to radio bursts. (Russia Today)

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