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It ended… Saudi Arabia 2-0 Yemen in the 25th Gulf Cup

Kora Plus offers you a live broadcast service for the Saudi Arabia match against Yemen, which will be held between the two teams shortly in the first rounds of Group A of the Arabian Gulf Cup.

The match will take place at exactly nine quarter past nine in the evening, Cairo local time, and ten quarter past ten in the evening Mecca Al-Mukarramah time, as it will be hosted by the Basra International Stadium.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen are together in the first group, accompanied by the teams of Iraq, the owner of the land and the home, and the team of the Sultanate of Oman.

The Saudi national team is participating in the second team due to lack of time this season, and to give more players the opportunity to participate in the “Al-Akhdar” shirt, under the leadership of coach Saad Al-Shehri.

The official formation of the Saudi national team came as follows: Nawaf Al-Aqidi, Madallah Al-Olayan, Ziyad Al-Sahafi, Qasim Lagami, Ahmed Basmaud, Awad Al-Nashiri, Riyad Sharahili, Samihan Al-Nabit, Musab Al-Juwair, Turki Al-Ammar, Raed Al-Ghamdi.

Saudi substitute bench: Muhammad Al-Absi (G) – Abdul Basit Hawsawi (GK) – Muhammad Abu Al-Shamat – Mishaal Al-Subiani – Rayan Hamed – Hussein Al-Subiani – Nayef Masoud – Faisal Al-Ghamdi – Saad Al-Nasser – Hussein Al-Issa – Ahmed Al-Ghamdi – Muhammad Maran.

While the formation of the Yemeni national team came as follows: Salem Al-Harsh, Imad Al-Jadimah, Director of Abed Rabbo, Haroun Al-Zubaidi, Ahmed Al-Wajih, Anis Al-Maari, Nasser Muhammadu, Muhammad Al-Tiri, Ahmed Maher, Omar Al-Dahi, Abdul-Waseeh Al-Matari.

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The start of the first half…

The Saudi national team advanced with the first goal against its Yemeni counterpart in the 18th minute, through Samihan Al-Nabit, with a wonderful shot from outside the penalty area.

D 34 The Saudi national team was able to add the second goal from a penalty kick, which Musaab Al-Juwair advanced to and hit it brilliantly into the goal.

The start of the second half