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It feeds on human genitals. Environmentalists warn swimmers of the piranha

It feeds on human genitals. Environmentalists warn swimmers of the piranha

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A fisherman managed to find a strange fish on the southern coast of Sweden, and research confirmed that this rare fish caused a large number of accidents for swimmers who did not warn of its bites, as it feeds on genitals for humans.

The British newspaper “Daily Star” reported that this type of fish is called piranha, which is famous for its strong teeth and similar to human teeth, and these fish live in the Amazon River basin area, which is the first time of its kind to appear in European waters.

Henrik Karl, an expert at the Natural History Museum in Denmark, pointed out that this fish does not pose a great danger to humans, except for individual accidents it commits, confirming to the Swedish news site “The Local” that it did some testicles of swimmers in some countries other than Sweden such as Papua New Guinea.

While environmental scientist, Mark Diamond, confirmed that thispredatory fish They can survive in the UK’s cold climates, noting that this latest discovery highlights a real problem – that releasing exotic pets or plants into rivers can be a dangerous consequence for wildlife.

Peter Rusk Muller, of Denmark’s Natural History Museum, University of Copenhagen, said the jury is still out on whether these last “globular cutters” found in Scandinavian waters are yet another aquarium escape or a piranha-infested explorer. .

And Rusk Muller notes that finding this fish will be very exciting and a little frightening, especially since it is the first time that this species has been caught in the wild in Scandinavia.

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