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It infected humans 12 thousand years ago.. a study warns of dangerous metal pollution

It infected humans 12 thousand years ago.. a study warns of dangerous metal pollution

The study stated that toxic metals such as lead are key components in technology that people regularly use around the world, noting at the same time that “harmful exposure to lead is not new, as humans have been absorbing these metals into their bodies for thousands of years.”

Researchers have discovered Israel The presence of lead contamination in human bones since 12,000 years, warning that modern technology may make the problem worse.

human remains analysis

A team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem examined human remains in a cemetery in Italy that was in use until the 17th century.

From the fragments of 130 people at the site in Rome, researchers analyzed the composition of the chemicals in each person’s bones.

Their findings revealed that “Level contamination levels in human bones closely mirror historical rates of lead production worldwide over the centuries.”

According to the study’s authors, as the world began to mine for rare earths and produce and use more goods, people’s lead absorption increased as well.

While the researchers reviewed the history of the development and increase of lead production and use until the industrial revolution, they pointed out that lead pollution in humans is in a direct relationship with their lead production rates; The more lead we produce, the more likely people are to absorb it into their bodies, “and this has a very toxic effect,” according to a media statement issued by the researchers and published by the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.

electronic devices

Despite global regulations banning the use of many harmful metals, the study authors say, “Even today’s cleaner products may increase human exposure to toxic metals.” Specifically, the team notes that electronic devices, batteries, solar panels, and even wind turbines can increase global levels of metal pollution. “.

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“Exposure to lead occurs in a variety of ways, from our diets to air pollution to soil absorption,” said Professor Yigal Erel, lead author of the study, warning at the same time that “the close relationship between lead production rates and human lead concentrations in the past suggests that Without proper regulation, we will continue to face the adverse health effects of toxic metal pollution.”

Contrary to popular belief, he notes, “Even green technology, such as solar panels that deteriorate over time, releases its toxic elements into the air we breathe as it degrades.. That finding may lead to future studies to find more lead in our bones than ever before.” gone.”