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It is currently not possible for Poland to leave the EU

It is currently not possible for Poland to leave the EU

When former Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to reconsider the UK position within the European Union, Poland was among the first countries to express support, and although those talks did not go as planned, calls for trade union reform did not disappear. Today, Poland is still in the midst of a debate on national sovereignty, which has received attention at a conference on the future of Europe, however, unlike the United Kingdom, no radical political force has called for Poland to leave the European Union.

The ruling law and justice party has been the leading voice for reform, often working with other Middle Eastern European member states, which began to share their skepticism about increasing the center of power in Brussels. In particular, the active leadership role of Poland in supporting European energy independence. Resistance to Russian interference and infrastructural modernization in the region.

Poland is an important bridge that is changing for the European Union and other countries in Eastern Europe, especially for Western democracy. Through European and non-European channels.

In the wake of the breakup with Brussels, exciting coverage in some areas did not match reality on the ground that in Warsaw, today, the only political movements in the so-called “bolexit” (Union Poland’s promotion) are in the “federation”, which conspires with conspirators, extremists and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. .

The Polish Constitutional Court’s ruling on the primacy of Polish law over EU law appears to have provoked frenzy in some Western media because there is some confusion in comparing any EU skeptical statement or action to a Brexit style attempt. The European Union, and most journalists who write on the subject often do not do so from Warsaw.

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However, the debate over whether national law or EU law should take precedence is certainly practical, and even the former Brexit presidential candidate in France, Michael Barnier, has expressed the same sentiments that prevailed in the Polish courts. EU law should not invalidate French law, and there is good reason to turn this debate to the front pages, and decisions, restrictions and orders issued by both the European Parliament and the European Commission are on the rise. The Union has the key competencies of the European Union and a large number of laws have been passed in Brussels, crossing borders to areas where the Union has no jurisdiction.

The union’s efforts are particularly vicious on social issues, which signify a major departure from the treaty and underscore the arrogant attitude of some to the rule of law in Brussels.

If the EU does not return to respect the individual sovereignty of its member states, the case before the Polish Constitutional Court will end first. The strength of the union is derived from the trust placed in it by 27 individuals, who, in no other way, have expressed more than this sentiment in the judgment of the Polish court.

But while we can expect very bitter wars, Eurosceptics should not deceive themselves that Poland or its closest neighbors are intent on leaving this crowd.

Poland is an important bridge between the European Union and other countries in Eastern Europe, especially during the transition to Western democracy.

Robert Tyler ■ Political writer



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