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توقعات بانخفاض عدد الراغبين في العمرة عبر الشركات السياحية لهذا السبب

It is expected that the number of people who want to perform Umrah through tourism companies will decrease

12:30 AM

19 August 2022 Friday

Books – Yusuf Afifi:

Adel Hanabi, vice president of the General Federation of Egyptians in Saudi Arabia, said he expects the number of people wishing to travel for Umrah through tour companies to decrease after the kingdom announced that all visas will be allowed for Umrah. to 1444 A.H.

This comes after Tourism and Antiquities Minister Ahmad Isa approved the rules and regulations for the implementation of Umrah pilgrimages for the 1444 Hijri season following the conclusion of the Umrah and Haj Supreme Committee.

Hanafi told Masrawi that any Egyptian citizen traveling to the Holy Land on a family visit, work or tourism can perform Umrah without additional financial burdens.

In his reports, Hanafi states that visitors have the right to perform Umrah and pray in a respected kindergarten, but with certain restrictions, specifically: the traveler carries a certificate stating that he has received the vaccinations specified by the kingdom.

He pointed out that Mahram is not required for women under 45 when going for Umrah and that children from one year can perform Umrah with their families, explaining the number of people who want to travel for Umrah. Reduced by tourism companies.

Hanafi continued, “Before doing Umrah and before going to the grave of the Prophet, you can make a reservation through the application “We Trust Us and Umrah” to know the date.

This comes in conjunction with the announcement by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, in conjunction with the start of the Umrah season for the current year 1444 Hijri, allowing holders of all types of visas and those coming from countries around the world to perform Umrah. .

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Following are the visas allowed for Umrah according to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj:

1- Allowing tourist visa holders to perform Umrah.

2- Visit visa holders are allowed to perform Umrah during their stay in the Kingdom.

3- Allowing US visa holders to perform Umrah.

4- Allowing UK visa holders to perform Umrah.

5- Allowing Schengen visa holders to perform Umrah.

6- Allowing family visit visa holders to perform Umrah.

7- Allowing individual visitor visa holders to perform Umrah.

8- Visa on arrival at one of the Kingdom’s airports without prior application.

9- Electronic visa by applying online through website.

10- Visa through Saudi embassy in all countries.

It is to be noted that as per the decision taken in the cabinet meeting held on Thursday, August 4, the Umrah trips for this season will begin in October.

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