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It is given as a gift on special occasions.. British coin issued gold bullion for Gaba statue | news

A few days before the start of the holy month of Ramadan, the British Royal Mint released a gold bullion bearing an image of the Holy Kaaba, which can be purchased or gifted on various occasions.

House said Report Ingot was designed in collaboration with the Islamic Council of Wales, and was overseen by British design expert Emma Noble.

The image of the Kaaba appears in a unique design on the back of the 20 gram ingot, and is housed in an Islamic-style card. It now sells for around 1155 pounds sterling (about 1400 dollars).

“With 110 years of experience in minting coins, we have designed a beautiful representation of the Holy Kaaba, sacred to millions of Muslims, and makes a wonderful gift for a festival, wedding or any other occasion,” the mint statement added. .

The house also confirmed that it has donated 3 ingots to a UK-based charity to send to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Tweeters expressed their admiration for the alloy and its shape, and considered its release at this time as a unique gesture, with some confirming that they were keen to buy it.

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“The Royal Mint is one of Britain’s oldest institutions and these historic gold bars depicting the Kaaba are a recognition and celebration of Britain’s growing Muslim community,” Mirren Kovac said in a tweet.

British Royal Mint

In 1279, the many mints of Britain were united under a single system whereby the mint was controlled, empowered to produce or mint coins in the United Kingdom.

In addition to minting coins for the United Kingdom, it also mints coins for many other countries, as well as military and commemorative medals, making it one of the most important mints around the world.

The house began moving part of its operations from Tower Hill, near the Tower of London, to Llandrissant in South Wales in 1968, before relocating completely in 1980.

The current home houses a collection of coins dating from the 16th century to the present day, housed in 8 cabinets ordered by the late Queen Elizabeth II and employing 765 staff.

Since 2010 it has been a limited company contracted to the Treasury for the distribution of all United Kingdom coins.

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