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It is permissible: “Anyone who says I am rigid responds to a photographic evidence” .. Did he mean “Naksh” Muhammad Ramadan? | news

Although the term “nakesh” in the Egyptian rap scene glossary is defined as a disguised reference by one rapper to another during a particular “track”, it seems that rapper wedges would come up with this term to a broader definition.

A video clip was published a while ago via the “Story” feature on his Instagram account, and he said in the video: “Oh, Jadaan, sorry. Where did you say this and when did you do it?”

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Story Wigs

Although Wiggs did not mention a specific name in his message, except for the words of the song “Bilalin” that the artist Mohamed Ramadan recently presented, which makes us reconsider. reach me.”

In another paragraph, the song says: “If your mind reminds you, it tells you that I think of you, oh, I already know you and all those around you.”

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Mohamed Ramadan

Most of the followers of the rap scene are unanimous that the song “Dork Gay” that Wiggs presented two years ago was the result of a crisis between him and Muhammad Ramadan, who presented an advertising campaign for an energy drink that Wiggs believes relied on his ideas without referring to him.

The song “Bilaline” is written by Muhammad Ramadan and Islam Shendi, composed by Islam Shendi, distributed by Shendi and Khalil, and the clip is directed by Bosaina.

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Wiggs recently released, on his official YouTube channel, the song “Ya Bladi”, the promotional song for the movie “Captain Al Zaatari”.

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