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It is used by land, sea and air.. What are the most prominent characteristics of the Russian "Caliber" missile?

It is used by land, sea and air.. What are the most prominent characteristics of the Russian “Caliber” missile?

confirmed Ukrainian Air Force Command That, she said, “Russian forces Six long-range missiles were fired, some of which hit several buildings.”

And theKalibr missiles surprised by her Ukrainian army When Moscow used it at the beginning of its military operation to launch long-range air strikes on ground targets, airports, fuel depots and Ukrainian command centers.

Russian missile capabilities

According to military experts, “Caliber” missile One of the primary weapons in Ground bombing of the Russian NavyIt is one of the most important and deadly Russian weapons.

It was also designed in the Russian “Novator” office on the basis of the 1975 and 1984 projects of a winged nuclear missile with an operating range of 2500 km and could reach targets at a distance of 4500 km.

The “Caliber” missile was first revealed at the “Max-93” air and space exhibition in the outskirts of Moscow, and the Russian Navy owns the “Caliber” missile complex.

Two models of this missile, which fly at a speed below the speed of sound, have also been designed: NK for ships and BL for submarines.

The missile has a length of 8.22 meters, a diameter of 533 mm, a flight height of 10 meters when approaching the target and 20 meters in the trajectory.

It also depends on a continuity guidance system or via satellite navigation “GLONASS”, and the working range is 2000-4500 km, with a flight speed of Mach 0.8 – Mach 2.

The Russian winged Kalibr missiles also showed great success in hitting targets with accuracy, and the ability to launch them from small-sized ships.

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According to the American “Global Security” website, the Kalibr missile belongs to a family of “cruise” missiles, very similar to US Tomahawk cruise missile.

The Russian missile comes in 5 versions, two anti-ship models, one for land attack, and two anti-submarine models, and it is also capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

It can be launched from built-in vertical tubes, which means that the system can be installed on small ships such as cruisers, which provides a qualitative leap in the precise firepower of the long-range ground attack of the Russian Navy, and gives it an ability that so far only the US Navy possesses, according to the US website.

According to the site, these missiles do not move to the target in a straight line, but rather maneuver with the help of an active navigation system. It is impervious to hostile air systems.

As for the “3M14T – 3M14K” winged missiles designed to hit targets on the ground. It cannot accelerate as fast as 3 metres, and it is capable of traversing a distance of 1,600 to 2,400 km.

There is a modified version of the “Kaliber” missiles intended for anti-submarine warfare and can hit a target at a distance of 50 km.

In 2018, US Admiral James Fogo described the capabilities of the Russian Kalibr missile as “impressive.”

American Tomahawk or Russian Caliber?

According to military reports, Washington produces several models of long-range “Tomahawk” missiles, which can be launched from ships of at least 500 feet in length, at supersonic speed, and can fly at low altitudes.

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The Tomahawk weighs between 1,300 and 1,600 kilograms, is about 5.5 meters long, and is capable of carrying warheads of up to nearly half a ton.

It has the ability to interact with more than one source of information, such as aircraft and satellite systems, and it can also transmit information through sensors installed on it.

The American missile can fly for long periods and change its course on orders from control systems, and Western countries, led by America, have used it in more than 2,000 bombing operations.

As for the Russian missile, it can be launched from small ships up to 200 feet in length, and it can be launched from naval platforms against targets at sea, on land or from submarines, and it has a solid-fuel engine.

The length of the “Caliber” is 6.2 meters, and it can also be fully directed from a distance, and it can fly at very low altitudes, and it may carry explosives weighing approximately 450 kilograms.

There are also several modified versions of the “Kaliber” missile system, which differ in the type of their launch systems, the quality of the target, speed and range, and can carry conventional or nuclear charges.

The American political “National Interest” magazine says that Russia’s ability to erect platforms for launching long-range winged Kalibr missiles on small-sized ships preoccupies the American military.

And she added, in a previous report, that “these Russian missiles appeared in actual military operations in 2016, when the Russian ship “Dagestan” and 3 small ships succeeded in launching 24 Kalibr missiles, which crossed the territory of Iraq and Iran and hit 11 of them sites of ISIS and other armed factions. in Syria”.

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And she added, “Also, Russian bombers used these missiles in Syria in 2015, which made Moscow draw the attention of its foreign partners about the effectiveness of its winged missiles.”