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It takes 30 extract the teeth of a cadaver to get the money

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Nigeria’s Osun State Security Network, codenamed ‘Amutkon’, has arrested the suspect, 33-year-old Aviz Odosanya, for extracting the teeth of dead bodies at a cemetery for the purpose of performing a ritual for money.

Aviz, who was shown at the Amutkon command in Sabo district, admitted on Wednesday that he began his search for the money ritual in 2016, but failed twice after extracting teeth from two different bodies in Sagamo, noting that the two bodies he evacuated earlier, were at times Different between 2016 and 2020, but he was arrested after the third attempt at Elisha’s cemetery, according to the “vanguardngr” website.

According to him, “I was arrested after I evacuated a body in a cemetery in Elisha which I wanted to use for money rituals. I have evacuated bodies since 2016 and removed their parts for money ritual purposes but the ritual failed,” adding, “I evacuated the bodies in Sagamo, Ogun state. But I was caught in Osun trying to extract a tooth from a corpse.”

“It takes about 30 minutes to remove the tooth from the body, but in my previous experience it took less time,” Aviz said, advising other young people trying to venture into the money ritual to stop “because it’s not real.”

The suspect will be handed over to traditional security for trial.


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