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It will be easier to go to Croatia starting next week

It will be easier to go to Croatia starting next week

“This is very positive news for the Czech citizens,” Kulhanek said after talks with Croatian Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic, Croatian Foreign Minister Jordan Gerlic Radman and Tourism Minister Nikolina Prnyakova.

Thus, Croatia will join Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary, where the Czechs can travel from June 1 after receiving the first dose of the Covid vaccine.

Upon entry, the Croatian authorities require a PCR or negative antigen test no longer than 48 hours. So far, only those who have had 14 days since the second vaccine or who have contracted the COVID-19 virus in the past six months have been able to avoid mandatory testing or quarantine.

People in Croatia can now go to stores or restaurants without a negative test. Austria and Slovenia allow Czech citizens heading to the Adriatic Sea to pass freely. Children under 12 years old can enter without a test.

“These are favorable conditions for a large part of Czech families who used to go to Croatia during the main tourist season,” he said.

The first RegioJet train with about 400 passengers arrived in Croatia on Saturday morning. During the season, the company aspires to transport tens of thousands of Czech vacationers to Croatia.

The Czech Republic will reopen its consulate offices in Split and Rijeka for the summer tourism season. Consular officers will assist Czech citizens, for example, in losing their passports or in the event of other difficulties. Czech police officers will also work in Croatia as part of joint patrols.