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It will cost $ 2.8 million. The latest tourist attraction in London is the dirt pile

It will cost $ 2.8 million. The latest tourist attraction in London is the dirt pile

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -London Tower Bridge, houses of Parliament and the Great Wheel that spins near the River Thames. However, the city’s new attractions may outweigh all others in terms of their popularity.

Marble Arch Mount, which opened on July 26, is rated the worst site in the UK capital.

Rather than being a part of the leaves adorned with trees and herbs, its markings are a dirty mound.

The Marble Arch Mount in London opened on July 26.
Credit: Getty Images by Justin Talis / AFP

The $ 2.8 million project, on the edge of Oxford Street, promises panoramic views of London from its 82-foot-wide base.

Potential viewers were assured that the scenes on Oxford Street had never been seen before.

They were going on an interesting exit across the mountain, where there would be an art gallery, as well as a place to buy food from Marks & Spencer.

"Bad site"London's new attraction is the mound
The cost of the project is $ 2.8 million.
Credit: Getty Images by Justin Talis / AFP

But Londoners eager to experience the new tourist site designed by Dutch architects MVRTV said it was nothing more than incomplete ruins.

Social media was buzzing as viewers expressed their frustration.

Someone who shared photos of the new author said, “The worst thing I’ve ever done in London.”

Another person wrote on the inside that it was a “semi-empty storage area”, and on the outside there were random coils of wire that might be associated with the promised light show.

The current rating on Google for Marble Arch Mount is 31, with an average rating of just 1.2.

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In a statement, the Westminster Council in charge of the project said the milestone elements were “not yet ready for visitors”.

A spokesman confirmed to CNN that the Marx & Spencer dining hall and lighting fittings were not ready.

Those who register to visit the milestone in the first week will get their money back, and they will also get a free ticket, “so they can see the mountain in the best possible way.”

Images posted on social networking sites show that the author is not fully adorned with evergreen spaces, and tree trunks that are not covered by trees and herbs emerge from it.

In its report, Westminster Council acknowledged that green space needed more time to grow, and called the milestone a “living building by design.”

The mountain is part of Westminster’s ‘green and bright future’, which includes the city’s highlights.

It was expected that this mark would draw people back to the mall after the epidemic.