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Jaromír Zmrhal hostuje v Mladé Boleslavi, které pomohl k prvoligové záchraně.

Italy? Zomrouh fights against thieves, tactics and the Coronavirus. He died in Boleslav

He kicked the ball for the first time in an atec on the field by the Ohře River. He still remembers the previous slag stadium, which had long ago been replaced by artificial turf. He arrived via Blicani in Slavia in Prague, where he won two National Cups and two Czech titles. In the red and white jersey, he also lived a season in which Slavia was a short distance from relegation to the second league.

Grom Jaromir Zmral also has his foreign participation, the position in the Italian team Brescia Calcio is a completely different football experience from the one he is used to. Although he lives in a beautiful area, it is far from perfect for football. A nice change to the father of her six-month-old daughter Laura is a guest in Mlada Boleslav, where she wants to fight for a chance to return to the national team.

But let’s start at the beginning of the football story of a native ATIC. Zumrhal’s career began in the royal city of Satyk. “She was about four or five years old. My parents introduced me classically to football. I played in Katik for ten years, then I moved to Blicani. The next year, Slavia noticed me, and that was followed by the move to Prague,” he recalls his first steps in football.

He doesn’t remember much about his first training sessions, but he still had a few fragments left in his head. “I remember some tournaments I played with atec. I know there is still a dross stadium across the river, but we didn’t go there very often. My father trained in Belshani, and there were a lot of kids, I enjoyed football there.”

Father Yaromir was a major character of his son Yaromir during his beginnings in Slavia, Prague. “I still live in Katik, my father drove me to all the training and matches. I also went to school in Katik. So I wake up in the morning, take the car after school, take an hour to Prague, train, take an hour back, write your homework and sleep. I had it.” One day off a week. Because of this, my father changed his job and started working at night, “the Czech champion confirmed twice.

In general, the transition from Blicani to Prague was difficult. Zumrhal started in the same year, but a completely different path awaited him. “In Balsani we played in a smaller stadium, but in Slavia it was big. It was changing like thunder. In addition, of course, there was much more competition, it was necessary to finish school,” he shook his head.

He finally successfully finished high school in Žatec with a high school diploma, although he had not been able to enroll in it for the past six months. “I really got an offer from beginners to Slavia B. A professional contract had to be made, and the exercises were already in the morning. I got a solo plan and I finally finished school. It was important to me, especially to my mom. She supported me in football, but In the first place it was graduation, “he said with a smile.

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But not everything was covered in the sun. The offspring of football, Satu Mare, was struck by a period when football entertainment was interrupted. The classic life of a teenage boy, the time of friends and fun were missing. “My teeth were really full, and it was necessary to take a break. I was 16, maybe 17. I ended up playing football for a while. Travel was tough, I missed my friends. They can go out, especially on weekends, and sometimes they go to a disco.” And I didn’t have time off. I just missed that. But then I passed and went back to football. “

In 2012, a turning point came for Zomral, as he moved to the Slavic league team. “Coach Petruch, who was in charge of the reserve at the time, informed me that I would start training with A. It was an experiment, I was not 19 years old. I started in the first game of the season. I alternated with Jihlava, and we lost 1: 3, but we are in the end.” We scored a point. Very good offer, ”thought with a smile.

Zomrouh scored his first goal in the league a month after his debut, scoring in a match against Brno. His first coach was Storm Peter Rada. “I remember him well, although we did not perform well, but it was a dream come true for me,” he added.

But it was time for a very weak period of stitching. Coach Radu was replaced by Petrouš who started the tragic season 2013/2014. This was followed by a 7-0 home defeat by Teplice, and another replacement at the training center. But Miroslav Kubik was short-lived, Alex Pasteur coached at the end of the season. But the Dutch coach was unsuccessful either, as Slavia was a short distance from relegation to the second league after the 30th round.

“It was not a good season. Not even five thousand spectators came to us, and no one could blame them. They were many of us! A very unpleasant experience, moreover, we did not dig ourselves into the rescue, and the results of the other teams helped us,” he shook his head and then remembered Pasteur the coach. “He was new to him, he wasn’t a head coach anywhere. It was different, and suddenly we had a foreigner who spoke not Czech, just English. He had his style, tried to play technical football on the ground. Unfortunately, he was not successful. Also “.

The next step in Zimmral’s soccer career was foreign participation. One of them was already in sight, but the atec citizen had to wait to move across the border. “The situation in Slavia was getting better, better players were coming, that was visible on the table, the European League was starting to play. I got an offer from Russia. I already had a work permit, I even had it in my passport. The transfer was very close, but it didn’t work. But then there were two addresses with Slavia. So everything bad is good for something, ”he smiled.

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He scored nearly 30 goals in seven seasons in seven seasons. Which strikes are best for him? “Maybe in the derby. First, at home I gave Bezek a slightly strange winning goal. Then I remember the next derby matches. We won 2: 0 in Letná, and I scored the second goal. And that’s when coach Silha came and opened the way to winning the title. But what I remember most is our matches. In the European League, where Seville or Chelsea were against us. For example, you will not go out of the way through Seville at the last moment in the place. “

In the summer of 2019 came the dream of moving abroad. Zmrhal nodded his head at The Brescia Show, who was a newcomer to Serie A. The enthusiasm was replaced by a harsh reality. Sitting on a bench, problems with thieves, plus the massive outbreak of the Coronavirus. “The Italian League is defined in that it follows one tactic. The coaches don’t change that at all. When I came, I wasn’t playing with extreme midfielders, they wanted to turn me into a midfielder. It didn’t smell good to me, and I couldn’t run to the edge. It didn’t.” “I play right, there was a slight change after the arrival of the new coach Lopez. The extreme midfielders started playing. In general, the year and a half has been very bad.”

The year 2020 will forever be related to the Coronavirus, which has paralyzed the world for an entire year. Italy was the worst-hit country in Europe in the first wave. They also “enjoyed” them with Zmrhal. “It was the worst in the north and we were not far from the place where they reported a thousand people being killed every day. The bodies were trucked in … In addition, the wife discovered that she was pregnant. Fortunately, she was able to travel to the Czech Republic. The training ended,” he added. I was alone in the apartment for a month and was happy that I was able to shop. Then it all started very slowly, ”he searched his mind for a very sad time.

Despite the hectic period, Zamral is finally able to give birth to his wife and is able to see his daughter Laura for the first time. He got a new role, that of a father. “I gotta knock, we have a good kid who wins alone and doesn’t cry much. I got used to the new role, it’s very important to me. The past year and a half has not been easy for me. I haven’t played much, how many times my wife took it, I was so upset. It’s been improving.” Since my daughter was waiting for me at home. I really enjoy it, ”he says.

Life in Italy provided the Czech couple a lot of fun experiences. “A lot happened in that year and a half. They stole our car twice, when we had thieves at home. It is true that the people there are friendlier, quieter and relaxed. Restaurants have a family atmosphere. On the other hand, no one is in a hurry. We were finishing two rooms in the apartment. It was supposed to be done in 14 days, we got it in two months. “

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A small edition of the fifteen-time national team hosted in Mlada Boleslav. By May 15, Zomrouh had played 15 matches in Auto City, in which he had scored three goals. And so he helped save the first league. “I preferred to go back to the Czech Republic, I just wanted to go home for a while. I couldn’t see my parents because of the Coronavirus, it was not perfect. I wanted to take a break from this pressure, it’s okay in Boleslav. Besides, I know. Coach Jarolim. What did we play for the rescue? We were in Slavia worse than before. I can play football knowing that I am on the edge of an abyss. I am satisfied. My parents can visit Prague, and I also met my friends. “

The season in the Czech league is coming to an end, Zomrhal’s hosting is over, and he is still a Brescia player. What will happen next? It’s in the stars. “I don’t know, I’ll talk to the manager. When there is a vacation in Italy, nobody works there. Neither the owner nor the sporting director. I don’t know what I can count on. I will come back and wait to see if I have a chance or not,” he shrugged.

Zamral wants to return to the team he withdrew from in 2019. “I cannot be surprised, I did not play in Italy, so logically I did not receive invitations. We will see if I can still do that.”

At 27 years old, Zomorhal wonders what is happening in football. Foreign staff a little disappointed. “Maybe I misunderstood the opportunity. I don’t know what I could have done better. I just didn’t fit in with their system, the system. That messed up the whole thing. I haven’t played in a year and a half, and I don’t expect a barrage of winning offers. I know I basically want to play. “I don’t want to sit on a seat. Brescia is fighting in the second league for the qualifiers, there is a Spanish coach there, I might like his style. We’ll see how the season ends.”

Finally we will return to Žatec. Football was played by his dad, and younger brother Jacob is also a soccer player. “Copa plays with Slavoy in SATIC, but they canceled the competitions, at least they can train. My dad is no longer playing, he was having ankle problems. He was in surgery and rendezvous. I was in inatec recently. I saw on the internet that the Satu Mare soccer ball would have a runway. A new stadium. That is good. ” “I would especially like to thank my parents for what they have done for me. Why? Because they simply did more than they had to do and at times more than they could.”