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Its most prominent conditions are to keep Al-Kazemi... Will Al-Sadr's initiative solve the Iraq crisis?

Its most prominent conditions are to keep Al-Kazemi… Will Al-Sadr’s initiative solve the Iraq crisis?

Al-Sadr’s recent initiative stipulated keeping the prime minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in office as well as the President of the Republic Barham Saleh To manage a transitional phase and hold early elections.

He also demanded a solution Parliament Via the resignation of his allies like Kurdistan Democratic Party headed by Massoud Barzani, as well as the Sovereignty Alliance headed by Mohammed Al-Halbousi And Khamis al-Khanjar, as indicated by the chest He pointed out that there is no need to resort to his current to demand a solution, but rather those steps can be implemented to end the crisis.

The forces of the coordination framework refuse to keep Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in his position to manage the next stage, citing his incompatibility with the practices of the armed factions and their desire to impose their control over the reins of power in the country and his implicit opposition to Iran’s policy, as he is a pragmatic figure who managed to achieve successes at the diplomatic level by restoring relations closely. Between Iraq and its Arab surroundings, which angered the groups loyal to Tehran.

Worried about Al-Kazemi’s survival

  • The coordinating framework forces fear that Al-Kazemi will remain to manage the upcoming elections, while observers believe that this is due to their desire to make a change in the numbers or falsify some of the election results, which means the need for an ally president for those forces.
  • Al-Sadr believes that keeping Al-Kazemi will be a balancing factor between the two parties for his independence, as he was able to hold elections that were widely accepted internationally in terms of their reasonable integrity.
  • Al-Sadr fears the advent of a new prime minister, with the support of the framework forces, which means that punitive measures may be taken against him or his supporters, such as the implementation of judicial warrants issued against Sadrist leaders, last month.
  • Al-Sadr rejects any return to Parliament sessions, and wants to dissolve it in any way, while observers say that Al-Sadr has his allies in Parliament, such as Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, as well as his deputy from the Democratic Party, Shakhwan Abdullah, which means the possibility of returning Parliament sessions, to take the required measures.
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Coordinator looks forward to a new government

It seems that the coordinating framework is continuing in its vision to form an Iraqi government away from al-Sadr and impose his will, which led to large protests in the country from supporters of the Sadrist movement, to violent clashes between his supporters and the Shiite factions affiliated with the coordinating framework, which caused the killing and wounding of dozens, and a great crack that is difficult to reconcile in The popular Shiite community.

In response to Al-Sadr’s initiative, the leader of the Coordination Framework Forces, Ali Al-Fatlawi, said that “any talk about extending the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi is rejected, and this government cannot be maintained to be supervising the early elections, especially since it is a daily caretaker government, and it does not have full powers.”

He added in a press statement thatAl-Kazemi government She was an essential part of his crisis Iraq Currently, and that is why it is not possible to maintain the government or even give Al-Kazemi a second term, and work is proceeding towards forming a new government.”

blurry decisions

The researcher in Iraqi political affairs, Rahim Al-Shammari, believes that “there is a blurring of decisions, and a stream of tweets and daily statements that complicate the political scene, without committing to a clear approach, or a single plan, which makes the political situation in great dispersion, which led us to what We are on it now.”

Al-Shammari added, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that “the existing conflict does not represent the will of the people, and there are those who put their personal interests ahead of the public interest, for example, some parties refuse the resignation of their representatives, agents and ministers who represent them, and this feature is what guides the political scene in the country.” .

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Observers of the Iraqi affairs believe that al-Sadr proposed a step towards a solution, as it came on the grounds that the President of the Republic was characterized by moderation, and his recent speech laid out a road map for early elections and constitutional amendments, and did not speak on a political side.

But despite this, the so-called extreme right within the coordination framework still rejects this path, and wants to form a new government, which will take upon itself the management of the country for the next stage, and the holding of early elections, while the movement will be with the fortieth visit a new round of political activity, in the hope of reaching to solutions.